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What skin type is Nappa? Recognize the interior materials of the car أداة الاختبار –

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What skin type is Nappa? Recognize the interior materials of the car

When buying a car, first choose the car model you like, and then check the configuration list to choose your favorite specific model . Many friends are dazzled by the dense configuration list. If it is a luxury car and has many valuable options.

Just one seat can be divided into fabric seats and leather seats. For premium interiors and seats, Alcantara, Nappa and other materials will be used. Just listen to the name. It\'s very foreign, but many people are still confused and don\'t understand what it is.

So today, qisnun is here to tell you about interior materials that sound and look “premium”.

Alcantara is not leather

First, let us introduce you to the Alcant materialara. Alcantara was invented by the Japanese in the 1970s. Invented, the composition is 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane. The actual feel is similar to suede. It should be noted that Alcantara is not real leather and it is precisely because of its characteristics that it is mainly used in the main corners or seat corners . It is a package for the dashboard and is also widely used in racing cars.

The shade of Alcantara material will also appear on some domestic models. Of course, it is more often used in sports models. The steering wheel, dashboard, seats and other positions are made of Alcantara. Combined with sewing different colors of threads, it can create a good sports atmosphere. Alcantara provides soft comfort and is durable/wear-resistant, and maintenance for everyday use is relatively simple.

What is Nappa?

Nappa leather can be installed as an option on many models, covering almost all positions of the car. Napa primarily refers to the craftsman style. Generally speaking, Napa leather is first layer cowhide leather. Napa leather is now generally referred to as imitation Nap.un. The varieties are divided into grain leather, soft leather, grained cowhide, etc. The touch The softness and shine give nappa leather a more noble appearance, so it is much more likely to appear on luxury cars.

What is Dakota?

Dakota leather is relatively stronger, has better durability and friction, and is better at BMW. It is available as an option on a variety of models. Another merino leather interior, including a variety of color options, the tactile texture of this leather is more premium.

What is Nevada

Nevada top layer leather includes calfskin, top grain leather, shaved leather and soft leather. The surface of genuine leather has natural scars and blood tendon marks, and is sometimes treated. There are some knife wounds in the process and the extremely underused stomach area. The top layer of imported hide also bears the cow\'s serial number. Full grain leather is distinguished from the type of animal leather by its thickness and density of pores.

What is Valonea

Valonea Leather mainly uses the fruits of the Valonea oak tree to produce tanning agents pure plants and for the protection of the environment. is its main priority Features: Valonea has better breathability than other leathers. The first layer of leather is cowhide, consisting of a layer of down-like fibers and a slightly thin transition layer.t loose which is closely related to it. It has the characteristics of good strength, elasticity and plasticity of the process.