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What should we do before starting the zipper test?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2020-01 Click:1053

Firstly,Adjustment knob until the tab located at the highest position of the clamping device B, and this means added fixed pad;

What should we do before starting the zipper test?

The zipper pull tab secured to the pull-tab clamp B.
First zipper trailing end (lower end stop) roughly fixed to the upper clip within the first A point (in this case the first clip and zipper center vertical centerline).

The zipper front end (top dead end) fixed to the two longitudinal clip head at point E;
(E-point clip longitudinal head when holding the specimen cannot be clamped sprocket, two specimens shall live clip head in the same positionTwo longitudinal vertical line clip head and the edge of the vertical zipper teeth:

A long sword head slightly loosen the fixed point, the end of the zipper pulled up so that the rotating plate and sheet G horizontal line H parallel, then the head at point A clamping clip (this time longitudinally visually clip the first two points in the same horizontal line E )

Adjustment knob until the tab clamping device B at the lowest position is reached, the two lateral head D Release the clip, so that both sides of the fastener tape into two clamping fixture (in this case two lateral visual clip head and perpendicular to the fastener the same level), chuck from the side edge of the fastener should be 5.0 mm gap.
Lateral adjustment by zipper type spring balance, Nut fastener tape is applied to the upper and lower of appropriate lateral load as shown in Table 2:Adjustment on both sides of the adjusting screw C and D there are two sides of the collet 5.0 mm distance.