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What should I do if the humidity in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber reads 100%

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:113

If the humidity of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber indicates 100% during the test, the equipments can be checked one by one as described below.

Check the hanging method and the position of the wet ball gauze, face the test chamber, open the door, the upper right sensor of the studio is a dry ball, and the lower sensor is a wet ball, normal Next, the gauze should be hung on a sensor below, and the lower end of the gauze should be reliably immersed in the water tank, so that the wet ball gauze can absorb water reliably.

If the hanging method is correct, and the humidity still shows 100%, please check whether the wet gauze has a yellowing phenomenon, or has been used for a long time, too much mineral accumulated on the gauze, which will cause the water absorption performance of thewet ball gauze. It cannot absorb water, so the detected humidity is inaccurate, giving a false picture of high humidity; if so, please replace the wet gauze ball. When it reaches water, check the following:

1. Check if there is water in the water level box next to the sink. Otherwise, the float may be damaged

2. The electromagnetic pump is damaged, use the voltage range of the multimeter to measure its resistance value, if open, it will be damaged

3. The gap water replenishment timer is damaged and cannot replenish water normally