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What should be considered when purchasing the Martindale abrasion tester?

Author: Released in:2023-02-13 Click:26

Martindale Abrasion Tester is mainly used to test the abrasion resistance or pilling performance of materials such as fabrics and leather. Currently, there are many types of Martindale Abrasion Testers and many brands. Each manufacturer has its own characteristics and prices. It\'s even more unequal. Many companies will struggle with choice when purchasing Martindale wear resistant tools. A high price does not mean that the quality is good, and a low price does not mean that the quality is bad. So how to cultivate a pair of sharp eyes in corporate procurement, this document analyzes the following features of the Standard Group:

Application of the Martindale Abrasion Tester:
The Martindale Abrasion Tester can be used Test the abrasion resistance and pilling performance of different plants. Under a certain pressure, the sample and the specified abrasive are subjected to continuous reversing friction, and the degree becomesof wear and pilling evaluated by comparison with the standard parameters. Touch screen operation with complete programmer, pre-programmed batch and total counts, individually set counts for each test head; 4 speeds selectable including standard speeds.

The Martindale Abrasion Tester complies with the standard:
GB/T 21196.1-2007 Determination of the abrasion resistance of textile fabrics by Martindale Method Part 1
GB/T 21196.2 -2007 Determination of abrasion resistance of textile materials by Martindale method part 2 GB/T 21196.3-2007 Determination of abrasion resistance of textile materials by Martindale method part 3 GB/T 21196.4-2007 Determination of abrasion resistance of fabrics by Martindale method of textiles part 4 GB/T 4802.2- 1997 Pilling Test of Textile Fabrics by Martindale Method GB 8690-88 Martindale Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Woolen Fabrics Method ISO 12945-2 :2002 Determination of Pilling Properties of Textile Fabrics - Part 2 Martindale Method GB/T 13775-92 Cotton, Linen, Woven Silk Fabrics Abrasion Resistance Test Martindale Erfa
ASTM D4966-1988 Fabric Abrasion Resistance Test Martindale Abrasion Resistance Tester
ASTM D4970-2002 Fabric Pilling Resistance Test Method Martindale Tester

Technical parameters of Martindale Abrasion Tester:
1. Number of stations: 4
2. Count range: 0~ 999999 times
3. Maximum Stroke: Horizontal: 60±0.5mm Longitudinal: 24±0.5mm
4. Mass of pressurized material:
a. Holder: 198±2g
b Clothes sample weight: 395±2g C. Furniture decoration sample weight: 595±2g 5. Effective friction diameter of the grinding block: type A 200g (1.96N) friction head (9 kPa ¢ ¢28.8 -0.084 mm
6. The relative moving speed of the gripper and the grinding table Speed: 50±2r/min, 47±2r/min (adjustable from 1-120 r/min)
7. Weight of sample loading hammer: 2385g±10
8 Overall size: 885×600×410mm
9 Power supply: Ac220V 50Hz 500W
10 Weight: 100kg

It aboveis the basic parameter configuration requirement of the Martindale wear tester, here the default group should focus The points to emphasize are:

1. Whether the Martindale Abrasion Tester meets the company\'s testing standards is very important, otherwise it will be scrap purchase;
2. Martindale\'s wear resistance The grinding tester has multiple friction heads, so it is more convenient for the company to purchase multiple friction heads. This should also be considered. After all, the relative cost of another friction head will certainly increase. This should be purchased according to the actual needs of the company;
3. Performance stability, which is very important for an enterprise. Conventional tests generally take a long time. If it is a testing company, the usage will be even greater. If there is no stability guarantee, the consequences are manageable;
4. Issues such as complete after-sales service and timeliness of service;