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What is the development history of the abrasion tester? This is the case

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Product Introduction

Product wear is a very important environment in product quality control. Wear and tear will occur during actual use, so it is necessary to carry out a wear test on the product before it is officially launched on the market. As an important branch of test equipment, it belongs to a smaller category, but it is closely related to people\'s lives. close relative. For example, the anti-slip performance can be determined by testing the coefficient of friction of the floor (brick), and the floor (brick) with a too small coefficient of friction may accidentally slip, especially for the elderly, which may cause serious consequences; Metal dentures can be used for up to 5-10 years, while regular calcium dentures can generally be used for a lifetime. The reason for this is also one of the areas of tribological research.

Before onewear tester was on the market, most people used experience to measure the quality of products related to friction, but the instrument can directly quantify the feeling, which makes the batch The products produced have quality assurance. Eight years ago, foreign countries began to pay attention to research in this field and developed early wear testers. With the continuous improvement and perfection of technology, the foreign wear tester industry has developed very rapidly. Because the use of wear testers to test product quality can improve and improve product quality, it is also widely used in product testing in various industries, so the market demand for wear testers continues to grow.

The development of wear testers in my country is in the past 3-5 years. Some domestic universities and large enterprises have started to buy wear testers, but they are becomingused only for scientific research. The application in industrial production is almost zero, and the market share of wear testers in the entire testing machine market is less than 1%. Some scienceEntific research institutes that research tools have done a lot of projects, but there are still bottlenecks in the conversion of research results into actual productivity, resulting in a lot of investment finally ending in \"conclusion\", lack of industrialization actions.

Shanghai Qianshi Sells The Imported Abrasive Tester - Taber Abrasive Tester, Service Commitment:

1. Products Quality Commitment:

All products sold are produced by original brand factories. (with product-related certificates)

The product will be inspected by relevant technical personnel before delivery to ensure that all functions of the product are complete and undamaged.

We are willing to bear all responsibilities in case of quality problems (non-human damage) during the warranty period of the instruments we provide.

Second, the delivery date:

The buyer and the seller negotiate the goods transaction and strive to deliver within 7 days from the day of payment and deliver the goods to the designated place according to the time required by the buyer. If the buyer needs to deliver in advance or the purchased goods belong to pre-reported goods, you must negotiate with us to process and request purchase documents to meet your needs in a timely manner.

3. Establish a cooperation concept, management system and long-term system:

1. Pre-sales service: set up a special organization, the relevant personnel of our company will help you fight for product selection in time.

2. In-sale service: In order to avoid unnecessary losses due to improper use of your customers, during the use process, our company will arrange relevant technical personnel to guide and ensure the correct use of products, let users use it safely and at ease .

3. After-sales service: In order to do a better job in the after-sales service of products and receive timely feedback from users, professional and technical personnel provide solutions for issues. If it is necessary to go to the location for guidance, our company will immediately arrange technical personnel to the designated location for operation guidance.