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What is an Elmendorf Tear Testing Machine?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:152

The tear strength tester is the tensile force required to tear a pre-slit sample under controlled test conditions.
This tear strength tester is designed for tear strength of textile, non-woven fabric, paper, cardboard, thin film, vent tape, Sheet metal materials, etc.

The Elmendorf ASTM D1922 cracking machine is based on the principle of measuring the internal tearing resistance, i.e. the force perpendicular to the plane of the material that is required to propagate a single crack or crack of a defined length from a cut in the fabric when a sudden force is applied. The force required to continue a slit previously cut in a fabric is determined by measuring the work expended in tearing the fabric a specified distance.

Tear test function
1.Advanced calculation methods ensure precision testing and good repetition.
2.Microcomputer system,can run automatic tests, perform calculations, analyze results and print test reports.
3. Elmendorf tear strength tester upload the test data.
4. Human operating system, Chinese and English operation interface, with simple and practical methods.
5. Elmendorf Tearing Tester Can freely look up all the data and statistical results in the mainframe.
>6.The fabric tear strength tester can choose between N , gf, cN and ibs switch, and is suitable for different standard requirements automatically.
7.Pneumatic specimen grips and pendulum bobs are released to ensure uniform clamping force.
/>8.Elmendorf tear tester Cut the specimen automatically while paying attention to the same shape of the notch, which will reduce the durability.

Tear Test-Plastic Film Standards

Textile: GB/T3917.1, ASTM D1424, DIN 53862, ISO13937-1, ISO4674-2, ISO9290, M&SP29,

NF G07-149

Paper: GB/T455, APPITA P400, ASTM D689, BS 4468, CSA D9,
DIN 53128, EN 21974, ISO 1974, JIS P8116 , PAPTAC D9, SCAN P11, SNV 198482, TAPPI T414, UNI 6444
Plastic: GB/T11999, ASTM D1922, ISO6383-2, JIS K7128-2

Nonwoven: ASTMD5734

Tear Strength Test Method
1. Digital Elmendorf fabric tear strength testing machine, equipped with 1 piece of load A, 1 piece of load B, 3 pieces of load C and a sample template.
2. Connect electricity, compress air.
3. Switch on the machine.
4. Select Appropriate Test the area according to the sample and apply appropriate loads.
5. Click \"Set\" to set the test parameters.
6. You must click \"CALIBRATION\" when changing to new loads.
7. Click on \"Clamps\" after inserting the sample.
8. Click \"Start\", the device will complete the test automatically.

9. Print the test results.