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What are the test methods for abrasion resistance of coatings معدات اختبار

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Product introduction

Wear and tear is one of the forms of material failure and failure. The advantages and disadvantages of wear resistance of various materials are very important for product quality evaluation and control. There are corresponding wear test methods for different materials. For example, the Japanese industrial standard JIS H8503 prescribes the test method for the abrasion resistance of metal coatings; and the American Material Testing Protocol Standard ASTM D968-93 and ASTM D658-81 respectively prescribe the use of the falling sand method. BS-EN 660-2 and sandblasting method to determine the abrasion resistance of organic coatings; while the international standard ISO7784.2-97 uses the rotary friction rubber wheel method to measure the abrasion resistance of paints and varnishes. Standard GB/T1768-79 Determination of abrasion resistance of paint film; It\'s not difficultjk to see that at present there are various methods for testing the wear resistance of coating coatings at home and abroad, each with its own characteristics;

Common test methods for coating abrasion resistance:

1. Rotating friction rubber wheel method (Taber test), it can be widely used in coatings, coatings and abrasion resistance testing of metal and non-metallic materials, but the rubber grinding wheel used for grinding should be regularly dressed and replaced in time.

2. Falling Sand Erosion Test Method, using natural quartz sand from a specified place of origin as an abrasive and falling free from a certain height through the test tube. Sand the surface of the sample, using the volume consumed by the coating per unit thickness of the specified area to wear, and evaluate the abrasion resistanceend of the coating by calculating the abrasion resistance coefficient.

3. Sandblasting impact test tent is used to measure the abrasion resistance of organic coatings.

4. Reciprocal motion wear test method, the test conditions of this method are easy to control, so the repeatability of the test results is good, and except for the coating, this method is widely used in the abrasion resistance test of plastic, rubber and metal materials.