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What are the physical performance test indicators of toilet paper?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:96

Toilet paper is a product frequently used in everyday life. Compared with other papers, toilet paper has certain special requirements, so it must pass a series of tests. What are the typical physical performance test scores for toilet paper? Here we briefly summarize.

1. Softness
The softness tester is designed according to the principle of the American Handle-O-Mete instrument and is specially used to test the softness of toilet paper, tobacco leaves, plastic films, fiber fabrics, etc. It is an ideal experimental equipment for industries and departments such as papermaking, scientific research and quality inspection.

2. Tensile Strength
Computer paper tensile testing machine is an instrument specially designed for testing the tensile strength of paper and is suitable for determining tensile strengthof various types of paper and cardboard. The instrument has high precision and repeatability which meets standard requirements.uiments. It can detect tensile strength, tensile strength, elongation, elongation, breaking length, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, energy absorption index tensile energy, breaking time, etc. It is widely used in tensile property testing which requires high precision, such as low tensile. strength and low elongation sheet materials, especially the ability to detect minute values ​​and accurately measure the corresponding parameters (including moisture resistance values) of toilet paper, towels, etc.

3. Water absorption rate
The paper water absorption rate meter is designed based on the principle of \"Klemm\'s method\" to measure the height of liquid absorptioncapillary of various papers and cardboard. It is mainly used for the determination of unglued paper and cardboard (such as toilet paper, etc.). The measurement results are expressed as: the time required for the sample to absorb the liquid and rise a certain distance or the height of the liquid to rise within a certain period of time.

4. Burst Strength
Toilet paper burst strength tester is a basic instrument for testing the burst strength of toilet paper. It is used to test the burst resistance of various hand towels, toilet paper, facial tissues, etc. The ball-shaped test head is used to pierce the sample to analyze the bursting strength of dry and wet samples.

5. Whiteness
The whiteness meter uses a D65 light source and diffuse/vertical lighting conditions. It is an instrumentto measure the whiteness of objects. Widely used in whiteness measurement of papermaking, textile printing and dyeing, paints and coatings, chemical building materials, plastic products, cement, carbonate powder calcium, ceramics, enamel, porcelain clay, talc, starch, flour, salt, detergents, cosmetics and others. objects. Optical properties such as opacity of thin sheet materials can be measured.

6. Quantitative
The Quantitative Measurement Standard Sampler is used to quickly and accurately cut standard area samples. This is a sampling device for the quantitative measurement of standard paper and cardboard samples. It is an ideal tool for papermaking, packaging and quality. It is an ideal auxiliary testing instrument for supervision and inspectionand other industries and departments. Equipped with an electronic scale to measure the weight of the paper.

Learn more about the softness tester: http://www.emtec-papertest. . cn/Products/zjcs/121.html