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What are the features of Taber abrasive testing machine معدات اختبار

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-12 Click:133

Product introduction

To choose the right product to buy, we usually look around and compare the quality of each product Price and features, choose the best cost-effective products. The purchase of abrasion meters is no exception. So, what are the features of Shanghai Qianshi\'s taber wear testing machine? Below I explain it to you in detail.

taber5135 Abrasion Tester

1. Test piece holder: hold the test piece plate use, size of the test piece is 16mm in diameter and 6-16mm in thickness (if it is insufficient, it can be pasted).

2. Dust Cover: Protect the transmission part and prevent dust and improper wear.

3. Weight: The body weight of the grab is 2.5N, and an additional 2.5N and 5N each can be used in any combination.

4. Test piece turning rack: let the test piece rotate automatically.

5. Start the witch

6. Grinding sand ring: use 60 sandpaper (size 400mm wide x 472.5mm long) to fix it on the runner with double-sided adhesive tape, the gap should not exceed 2mm. (Randomly attach 3 sheets)

7. Standard glue: 175 × 116 × 8㎝ with random one piece, with a shelf life of about one year.

8. Circle Cutter: Used to cut out test pieces with a diameter of 16mm, with a 13mm handle, which can be used with a general drilling machine.