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Various operating tips for peristaltic pumps

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:18

1. The connection and gauge of the pump tubing should not be lower than the card installed on the pump head. caliber of the tube. Since the suction is generated by the rebound of the hose, the hose, especially the inlet pipe, will be too long or the diameter will become smaller, will cause excessive resistance at the suction end, and the rebound of the pump hose will be blocked if the resistance is too large , the flow rate actually delivered will suffer large losses, and vice versa.

2. Use special hoses for peristaltic pumps, because peristaltic pumps use Extruded tubes require good compression resilience and tear resistance, so the material purity of these pump tubes is relatively high, and the wall thickness and shape accuracy are high.

3. When selecting a model, try to choose one with a lower speed, assuming it meets the flow rate. Since the flow is generated by the rotation of the pump head, the faster the rotation, the shorter the use time of the pump tube, so if you want the pump tube to last longer, you can choose a pump with a larger diameter, which will reduce the pump speed.

4. When selecting the model, the selected flow rate must be greater than the required Because the selected flow rate is generallyt tested with water, if the transferred liquid has a high viscosity, it will cause a certain amount of actual flow loss, so it is recommended that the selected flow rate is greater than the actual flow rate.

measures Protective measures, check the pump hose regularly.

6. Be sure to turn off the power when using the external recording device, to prevent equipment damage.

7. Then connect the remote control or turn off the power when using the communication interface.

8 Set the The protective earth is connected to earth, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock or electromagnetic interference.

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