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UV aging test machine testing LED lamps

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:30

The ultraviolet aging tester is a test equipment independently developed and produced by our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. This is a cost-effective and comprehensive after-sales service. Welcome customers who need to inquire. It is experimental equipment for accelerated life test. The purpose is to improve environmental stresses (such as temperature) and operating stresses (voltage and load applied to the product), to speed up the testing process and to shorten the life of the product or system, it plays an important role in the LED industry.

Main parameters:

1. Eight 40-watt ultraviolet fluorescent lamps;

2. Radiation uniformity: covering 4% of the total sample area;

3. Irradiance: Low: 0.35W/m2 (UVA, UVB); High: 1.55 W/m2 (UVA), 1.23 W/m2 (UVB);

4. UV Wavelength: 290nm~400nm;

5. Test time: 0~9990H adjustable;

6. Blackboard temperature range: UV-BPT stage35-80°C (95- 176°F); condensationstage-BPT35-60°C (95-140°F);

7. Sample capacity: 48+BPT on 24 sample holders;

8. Pressure of the Spray Water: 25-40 psi (1.7-2.7 bar), Purity: Less than 1 ppm dissolved solids, Silicon: Less than 0.1 ppm, Conductivity: Less than 5 us/cm or 200 kohms ;

9. Condensate Water Requirements: Pressure: 2 -60psi (0.1-4.1bra); purity: demineralized water, but not necessary.

UV aging tester is mainly used to test the humidity capability of semiconductor packages. The products to be tested are tested under strict conditions of temperature, humidity and pressure. Moisture will penetrate the package along the gel or the interface between the gel and the wire. It is widely used in seal performance test.cheity of circuit boards, multi-layer circuit boards, integrated circuits, LCD displays, magnets and other products to test the pressure resistance and airtightness of their products. The imported microcomputer is used to control the saturated steam temperature, and the autommicrocomputer automatically calculates the saturated steam temperature. It is precisely designed for good airtightness and low water consumption. 200H of water can be added continuously each time. The higher the internal pressure, the higher the internal pressure, there will be back pressure on the box door, making it tightly bonded with the box body. It is different from the conventional extruded type and can extend the service life. The built-in molded silicone door seal provides good air tightness and long life.

When producing LED lamps, the quality of LED lampsED must be strictly controlled. The function of UV aging test machine is an important part of LED lamp aging test. After the LED lamp is made, there will be problems such as flickering, dim light and no light, so the service life is not as expected and affects the quality of users. In order to avoid damage to LED lamps during production, manufacturers must use an aging test box to perform aging tests before assembling the lamps. Aging test is an important link to ensure the reliability of electronic products, and it is also an important step to improve product quality. The aging test comes at the cost of sacrificing the service life of a single product, but under the pretext of winning the reputation of customers, it is the guarantee of the quality of LED products.

1. It has the function of addingautomatically water and replenish water when the water level is too low during the test process;

2. The test process will run automatically until it is finished, and it is easy to operate;

3. Temperature control of aging machine: LED digital temperature controller can set, control and display accurate test temperature .

4. Aging machine timer: LED digital timer, when the temperature in the pot is reached, the timer starts to ensure that the test is completed.