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unprecedented! The country suddenly announced a \”great earthquake\” in the automobile industry.

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:15

unprecedented! The country suddenly announced a \"major earthquake\" in the automobile industry

On December 18, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission officially released a guidance document for actual road testing of autonomous driving. Once the new regulations were released, the entire auto industry shook.

In accordance with regulations, Independent legal entities registered in China can apply to temporarily put autonomous vehicles on the road. Test subjects must have the ability to compensate and must carry road accident liability insurance of at least RMB 5 million per vehicle or provide a guaranteee compensation for accidents during autonomous driving test drives of at least 5 million RMB.

According to the new regulations, we will highlight the key points for you

1. The applicant must be a company in China and each company can apply for up to 5 vehicles.

2. Test Subject You must request testing qualifications from an approved third-party regulator and upload test data regularly.

3. Each unit The test car must be purchased for no less than 5 million traffic accident liability insurance.

4. Each vehicle The car must have a tester in the driver\'s seat, and no unrelated people are allowed on board.

5. An accident occurs Then it will be handled according to traffic control rules, but the tester must bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

6. Test vehicle You must request and displaya special test permit, and you must pass the test in a closed site before you can test on a public road.

7. Regulations It contains six weather test environments and four road test scenarios, including highways, cities and unmarked roads.

8. Violations For behaviors stipulated in the detailed rules, the self-driving test subject\'s qualification will be canceled, made public and banned from testing for at least one year.

It is also the first time in China Relevant regulations have been proposedused for autonomous driving tests. Last year, a smart car demonstration zone was established in Yizhuang, Beijing. By the end of this year, its autonomous driving test site will be completed. Compared to California and other places in the United States, Beijing\'s regulations do not require payment of a large deposit (California requires US$5 million), but require that test vehicles take out 5 million yuan of civil liability insurance in the event of a road accident.

According to the website the Transportation Commission, these two specifications were jointly developed by the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, the Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Commission of Economy ands Beijing information technology. formulated and published it, and the internal registration time is December 15.

Regulations provide official definition of autonomous driving for the first time

The auto-driving feature refers to the function of an autonomous vehicle that can guide and make decisions regarding vehicle driving tasks without the need for the test driver to perform physical driving operations and override the control behavior of the test driver to enable the vehicle to drive safely.

Autonomous driving functions include automatic driving function, automatic transmission function, automatic braking function, automatic environment monitoring, automatic lane change function, automatic steering, automatic signal reminder function, network-connected automatic driving assistance function, etc.

Autonomous driving system refers to the ability to perform autonomous driving functions within a certain period of time. Motor vehicles only contain the following auxiliary automation systems for motor vehicles, which are not autonomous driving systems: active safety assistance systems, electronic assistance systemsblind spot warning systems, collision avoidance systems, emergency braking systems, parking assistance systems, adaptive cruise systems, lane keeping systems, assistance system, lane departure warning system, assistance system traffic jams, etc.

The first batch of test roads that can be used for autonomous driving will be launched soon

Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, Ge Yu, director of the Department of Science and Technology , said the test vehicles will be tested in designated areas and within designated limits. periods. Zone selection will select areas with lowflow of people and traffic, and the selection of time slots will avoid morning and evening peak hours. Excessive impact on normal traffic.

According to reports, the The Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Department will soon launch the first batch of test roads that can be used for autonomous driving.

Autonomous driving has become a hot area of ​​technology around the world. California, United States, was the first city to allow self-driving road tests. Currently, 45 companies have applied for a road test license in California. In addition, Germany, Japan and other countries have implemented policies to encourage road tests of autonomous driving.

Although China is a hub of autonomous driving entrepreneurship, its policies have always been unclear. As the capital, Beijing Being able to take the initiative to break the ice in politics will undoubtedly be a good demonstration effect for other cities across the country.

L\' era of driverless driving is truly here

The 2December, an Alphaba smart bus drove on the Shenzhen route. Xinhua News Agency reported that four all-electric buses were traveling on a 1.2-kilometer route with a speed of 10 to 30 kilometers. per hour, and three stations along the way. Stop. Alfaba intelligent driving bus system adopts conditional automatic driving, that is, the driver must sit in the driver\'s seat. In an emergency, the driver can automatically switch from automatic to manual driving mode by pressing the brakes. .

The rapid development of technology With the development of driverless cars, driverless technology is becoming more and more mature, and the driverless era is really here! So, what changes has the arrival of driverless cars brought?will it affect people\'s lives?

None The widespread use of human driving will disrupt the entire automotive industry.

1 . No need for too many driving schools

Tesla CEO Elon Musk even pointed out that one day in the future, the development of driverless technology could make it illegal to drive cars byhumans.

If humans drive cars The behavior is becoming illegal and there may not be too many driving schools in the future.

2. Insurance premiums may decrease

Car Insurance Companies of this type determine insurance rates based on personal driving history, and driverless technology turns drivers into passengers. Traffic caused by driverless cars Responsibility for an accident may lie with the car manufacturer, the developersoftware developer or transport authorities.

3. The maintenance manager will be an IT expert

Self-driving cars require advanced technology to become a reality. Automotive service technicians will become computer experts, not just responsible for repairing machines.

Although technical content either Extremely high maintenance services are essential to ensure the functionality and safety of self-driving cars, but general maintenancesuch as wheel alignment and tire replacement are also essential. If something as simple as a wheel alignment is not done correctly, it could easily affect driverless steering calculations and ultimately pose a safety risk to passengers. In theory, this could shift the blame back to the driver. Such scenarios should be taken into account when adjusting insurance policies for self-driving cars.

4. Professional drivers will also decrease

The emergence of driverless cars will reduce market demand for truck drivers, taxi drivers and othershe professional drivers.

Instead, use remote information technology (taxi and trucking companies that use telecommunications to facilitate communication and collect vehicle data) will be able to better manage autonomous vehicles, improve quality of service and to optimize service routes.

5. Garages have become less popular

Since self-driving cars tend to shuttle where they are needed, lPeople\'s need for long-term parking may decrease significantly. Sitting in a car and not driving, people have more time to rest, watch news and participate in entertainment activities, and there are also more opportunities in related industries and advertising industries.