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Universal Abrasion Tester Shanghai Fabric Universal Abrasion Performance Tester Price

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:95

Product Details:

Shanghai Fabric General Abrasion Performance Tester Price is the most commonly used abrasion tester. It mainly consists of a control system and a friction system. Mount the specimen on the clamp and tighten. Lay down the top fixture with sandpaper, adjust the position of the weight so that the sandpaper contacts the surface of the sample, set the sample friction times through the control system, and start the instrument. The base of the lower armature moves back and forth to make the sample and sandpaper rub together. When the number of movements reaches the set value, the instrument stops and the sample is removed to observe the degree of wear. It is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance of various fabrics, including clothing, shoes and industrial textiles.

Scope of application:

Shanghai Fabric General Abrasion Performance Tester Price can be used for surface grinding, curved grinding, edge grinding, hem grinding and anti-abrasion Abrasion testing such as blooming, edge closing and fleece, which can be used for woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, coated fabrics, pile fabrics, socks , felt, non-woven fabrics, deep fabrics, yarns, cords, plastic films, rubber, leather, paper and many other materials. The sample to be tested can be dry or immersed in water, oil or other liquids.

Technical parameters:

1. Clamp inner diameter: 94 mm;

2. Retaining ring height: ≤9.5mm;

3. Speed: 120±15 /min;

4. Stroke: 25mm;

5. Air pressure: 62 kPa(9psi);

6. Dimensions: 330×500×460 mm (length×width×height);

7. Weight: 33kg (72lb);

8. Power supply: 120/230V, 50/60Hz, 2A/1A.

Accessories and consumables:

Blooming accessories

Sample holder with selvedge and pleat friction

Elastic friction lining

Abrasive 50 yards/roll

3 classification charts for ASTM D3514

Meets standards: ASTM D3514/D3885/D3886, AATCC 119/120, FTMS 191/5300/5302, FORD EFB 15J2/BN 112-01