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Types of scratch abrasion tests معدات اختبار

Author: Released in:2022-12-09 Click:43


Product introduction 

Scratch wear test is a kind of test used to test the wear resistance of products. Depending on the type of wear, it can be divided into the following types of wear:

1. Scratches from sharp objects;

2. Abrasion test caused by friction;

3. "Writing effect" caused by light scratches on passivated objects;

At the scratch test of resistance to sharp objects, the most commonly used test method is the scratch test method: by applying different pressures to five or more metal needles, the sample test bench is scratched, and the scratch resistance of the test product is judged by comparing scratches with different forces. The scratch test instrument used for this type of test mainly contains a five-finger scratch tester.

In the friction measurement wear test, it is mainly to use a fixed grinding wheel to conduct a friction test on the test sample under a fixed force. This type of test is usually suitable for wear testing of high-gloss materials or soft materials. The wear testing instruments used in this category are mainly taber 5750/5135 wear testing machines.