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Tips For Keeping Muiti-finger Scratch Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2018-03 Click:1475

The Taber muiti-finger scratch tester ,also called five-finger scratch tester , has been popular in the automotive industry for testing smooth or grained plastics commonly used in ornamentation or trim. Useful for quality control as well as material or product development, the Multi-Finger Scratch / Mar Tester is ideal for evaluating plastics, rigid organic materials, paints and coatings, soft metals,linoleum, plus many others.

Tips For Keeping Muiti-finger Scratch Tester


This instrument is used to evaluate the scratch and mar resistance of resilient materials. A variable speed, pneumatically driven sledge is moved below five independent, weighted scratch "fingers" that are equipped with interchangeable scratch tips. Includes: spline shaft 'finger' assembly ; scratch tip with 1.0mm diameter hemisphere ; mar tip with 7.0mm diameter hemisphere ; weight set; and specimen clamp.

Though robust in design, this instrument is precision-machined. Never drop it or knock it over Always clean the instrument after use.
Clean the instrument using a soft dry cloth. Never clean the instrument by any mechanical means such as a wire brush or abrasive paper. This may cause, just like the use of aggressive cleaning agents, permanent damage.
Do not use compressed air to clean the instrument.
Always keep the instrument in its case when not in use.
We recommend annual calibration SAFETY PRECAUTIONS
Not suitable to be put in the sun or in the high light
Avoid using it in over-high or over-low temperature environment
Avoid humidity
Always make sure the instrument is connected to an earthed electric socket.
Always make sure the instrument’s power is turned off while adjusting any electric component
A knife is a sharp object. Be careful when using it.