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Thousands of real shares: How to use the pull tester أداة الاختبار –

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Qianshi Sharing: How to use tensile tester

Everyone should have heard of the tensile tester in physics class, but do you really know the tensile tester ? Come, today qisnun will introduce the tensile testing device to you. What does the tensile tester do and how should it be used?
In fact, when you listen to the tensile force, you should know that the tensile tester is related to physics . Therefore, the tensile tester is used for physical experiments, such as metal wire, metal sheet and plastic film peeling, toughness and stretching, bending and tearing, etc., the following qisnun you will present the tensile tester.

How to use the tensile tester

Test Operational Procedures

1. Turn on the main switch.

2. According to the sample, select the range ofmeasure, hook or remove the pendulum on the pendulum rod and adjust the buffer valve handle to align with the marking line.

3. Install the corresponding chuck in the upper and lower jaw seats according to the shape and size of the specimen.

4. Roll the recording paper (graph paper) onto the plotter drum. This is only done when necessary.

5. Start the oil pump motor and unscrew it. The valve ofoil discharge raises the test bench by 10 mm, then closes the oil valve. If the test bench is already in the raised position, it is not necessary to turn on the oil pump to deliver oil first, just close the oil distribution valve.

6. Secure one end of the sample in the upper jaw.

7. Start the oil pump and adjust the pointer to the zero point on the dial.

8. Raise the jaws to a suitable height, clamp the other end of the sample into the lower jaws and make sure the sample is vertical.

9. Put the drawing pen on the push rod to enter the drawing preparation state (only when drawing is required).

10. According to the loading speed required by the test, slowly unscrew the oil distribution valve to carry out the loading test.

11. After the sample is broken, close the oil valve and stop the oil pump motor.

12. The record needs a value and will be drawn.

13. Open the oil return valve and reset the passive needle after unloading.

14. Delete the broken sample.

15. Compression and bending tests can be performed with reference to the above.

How the tensile tester works

Firstly, the force value work of the tensile tester is completed by the load cell, amplifier and data processing system. Under the principle of small deformation, an elastic element The deformation ε at a point is proportional to the force exerted onthe elastic element, and also proportional to the elastic deformation.

Second, the device has two chucks, which are mounted on top of the working device via a series of memory mechanisms. The photoelectric encoder is connected together. When the distance between the two chucks changes, the photoelectric encoder shaft is driven to rotate, and the photoelectric encoder will output a pulse signal. Then the signal is processed by the processor. , sample deformation can be achieved.

3. Obtain the beam displacement using the encode output pulse numberphotoelectric sensor in operation.

Most tensile testers are used in physical experiments, it is estimated that in the physics class, the teacher used it, but I don\'t know if you still remember it . Did the professor use it when he was doing experiments at that time? Additionally, tensile testers are also used in other areas. , such as factory and mine material inspection and analysis, quality monitoring, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastics, textiles, building materials , appliances and otherres industries. The tensile tester is therefore always very important.