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There is a lot to know about interior materials! Discover how Geely Auto transforms the air inside the car.

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:11

There is a lot to know about interior materials! Find out how Geely Automobile ventilates the car interior

The best driving experience

Not only comes from flexible handling, soft seats and extreme silence

The car Having an oasis inside is also the key to a good mood.

Provide the elderly and children with a healthy environment

Make sure make family and friends feel comfortable

Feel the green mountains with Shui Baiyuntian air quality

Use the ecological purification cabin as a mobile fortress against smog

Improve the air quality in the car multiple dimensions

With the continuous improvement of automobile consumption demand, consumers not only have many requirements for vehicle performance configuration, but also pay great attentionn to safety, comfort and driving. environment. Controlling air quality in the car is also one of the important reference indicators for consumers when purchasing car models. Therefore, many brothers and models have invested a lot in research and development in this field. They have advanced purification devices in the car and use environmentally friendly materials in large areas of the interior. Wait, speaking of these, the editor will have such a term in mind: ecological purification cabin.

Talking about the concept of ecological purification cabin, it comes from the G-BLUE healthy ecological technology module of Geely\'s iNTEC technology brand. The \"iNTEC Laboratory\" section previously presented the AQS (air quality monitoring system) in this module. The AQS can not only detect indoor and outdoor air conditionsinside the car, select the appropriate air circulation method and prevent polluted air from entering the passenger compartment. At the same time, high-efficiency fine filtration technologies such as powerful activated carbon filter material adsorption technology and negative ion generator sterilization and deodorization can effectively remove PM2.5 particles, formaldehyde , benzene and other harmful gases and gases present in the air inside the car through adsorption and decomposition. Pathogenic microorganisms quickly freshen the air in the car. However, are they sufficient to control the air quality in the car? Judging from the research and development process of Geely models, it is obviously more than that. The laboratory in this issue offers VOC testing tests on non-metallic materials from Geely Automobile, with the aim of allowing everyone to see from another dimention how to “fundamentally” improve the air in the car. quality.

Relevant surveys and studies have shown that a large part of indoor environmental and air quality pollution comes from volatile organic pollutants produced by volatilization of automobile interior materials. Therefore, the way to eliminate harmful substances in the air can be regarded as \"symptom treatment\", while the choice of interior materials is to fundamentally control volatile organic pollutants within the framework of health standards.

The \"selection knowledge\" of interior materials subjected to high temperatures

Addressing both symptoms and root causes, based on the effective AQS system, the models Geely actively select excellent cleaning materials and processes during the research and development process. Car paintingre, seat materials, side panelsIn the selection of vehicle interior materials such as trim materials and carpet materials, environmentally friendly materials with low volatility are used. Eco-friendly designs are also adopted in the manufacturing process. Snap-on Overlap Solutions and Ultrasonic Welding Solutions are widely used to reduce sticking in the vehicle. The use of agents can reduce volatile organic pollutants produced by interior materials.

The above-mentioned non-metallic material VOC detection test is the main method for identifying and selecting qualified interior materials. As you can see in the video, the engineer will first carry out a pre-experimental process, sampling the interior materials and placing them in a specially designed plastic bagfor the test. The bag will be vacuum evacuated through the equipment twice and then filled with nitrogen to ensure that there is only clean nitrogen in the bag to avoid mixing other gases and affecting the data of test.

Then, the processed test samples are placed in the 24 cubic meter VOC component environmental chamber shown in the video and connected to a pipe that can extract the gas from the outside. Then turn on the equipment, set the time and temperature, and cook the test sample at high temperature to volatilize the organic pollutants and release them into the plastic bag containing the inner sample. To give a striking example, if you park your car outside in summer, expose it to the scorching sun for a long time and then open the closed door, you will smell the peculiar smell emitted by soft plastic materials or leather products. I think many experienced drivers have done thisexperience. .

Once this step is carried out for a specified period of time, the engineer will extract the gas sample in the bag from outside the experimental cabin and use instruments and professional equipment to detect and analyze gas composition and content. Through further computer processing of the data, if it does not meet Geely\'s evaluation standards for passenger car air quality, the R&D team will use other materials that meet the standards to guarantee consumers the better experience when using the car. Seeing this, some people might wonder, what is Geely\'s evaluation criteria? During the research and development process, it can be understood that engineers impose extremely strict limits on harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, xylene and ethylbenzene in indoor airof the car. In order to facilitate everyone\'s understanding, the article takes the 18 Emgrand GL as an example, its interior materials have antiallergenic standards at the infant level, which means that the protectionAccording to the standards, it can be directly in contact with the skin of babies to ensure the environmentally friendly quality of the car.

In fact, Geely Automobile attached great importance to controlling air quality in the car a few years ago. Before 2008, because there was no unified evaluation standard in the industry, Chinese brands lacked professionals. To solve technical problems such as instrumentation and equipment, Geely Automobile established a \"nose team\" in the R&D department. After strict training on indoor VOC content and odor levels, the company carried out artificial odor detection work to perform odor testing.R&D and create databases and assessment standards. She has successively obtained dozens of patents. Now equipped with advanced R&D technology, Geely Automobile controls the entire cycle from R&D, manufacturing and sales, and integrates \"G-BLUE healthy ecological technology\" throughout the process to maximize environmental compliance. environment of vehicle materials.The circulation in the car conforms to health standards and provides drivers and passengers with a better air experience in the car.

Finally, I would like to remind you that not only should you pay attention to the quality standards of the air and interior materials of the car when buying a car, but also remember no don\'t use cheap decorations online. after you buy a car, such as steering wheel covers, leather seat covers, etc., because compared with the original products, we don\'t know if these itemsts have undergone rigorous testing and whether they will release harmful substances!