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The working mode of the phosphorus detector in the wavelength range of coal 325-1000nm

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:24

The phosphorus detector in coal is a new product designed according to the method of measuring phosphorus in coal GB/T 216-2003. It has a new optical path design and high quality 1200/mm grating, with low stray light and monochromaticity, nice features.

Using single-chip microcomputer makes operation easier, only 0% T on and 100% T is just one touch.
Four measuring modes, T, A, C, slope method, make the operation easier.
31/2LCD liquid crystal display is easy to read and large sample room can expand the function.
It can be equipped with 100mm cuvette holder, which is more suitable for aquatic plants and power plant content analysis.
It can be equipped with a printer, and the measurement data can be printed and saved more conveniently.
The stability is suitable for food safety testing and pesticide residue analysis.
The light source is 6V10W imported tungsten halogen lamp with long life of 2000 hours

Main parameters:
Wavelength range 325-1000nm
Spectral Bandwidth 4nm
wavelength ±2nm
wavelength repeatability 1nm
Straw: ≤0.3%T360nm
Work method: T,A , C
Zero adjustment method: automatic
Transparency: ±1%T
Stability: ±0.004A/h500nm
Print interface: optional
Drift: ≤0.2%T
Noise: ≤0.3%T

The Falling Number tester is an instrument for measuring the amylase activity in grains.It can accurately judge the degree of germination damage of grains.It is suitable for the determination of grains and wheat flour.It is an instrument for quality testing in the fields of grain storage, flour processing and food processing.Users can choose with or without printing function according to the actualke needs.

Determination principle:
The suspension of grain flour (such as wheat flour) is rapidly gelatinized in a boiling water bath, and the starch of the gelatinized product is liquefied to different degrees due to the difference in the activity of α-amylase. The degree of liquefaction is different, the Falling speed of the agitator in the gelatin is different, and the level of falling value also indicates the difference in the corresponding α-amylase activity. The lower the falling value, the higher the activity of α-amylase.
The margin value is is displayedgiven by the number of seconds it takes for the stir bar to drop freely into the pasta liquid to a certain height.

Technical parameters:
Stir bar quality: 25±0.05g
Water bath heating tube: 600W
viscosity tube: inner diameter 21 ± 0.02 mm

outsidendiameter: 23.8±0.25 mm
inner wall Height: 220±0.3 mm
Repeatability: the difference between the two readings cannot exceed 10% of the mean value
Instrument size: 420×340×350 mm
Instrument weight: 25kg
Operating voltage: AC 220V 50Hz