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The use of high temperature end friction tester

Author: Released in:2021-09-22 Click:429

In the exploration of many new materials, new technologies and new structures, the testing machine is a widely used testing instrument, in many machinery, building materials, aerospace, petroleum, transportation, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industrial sectors and some related laboratories, can see the figure of a variety of testing machines, friction and wear testing machine is one of the very important, mainly used to assess the bearing capacity of lubricants.

The friction and wear tester is mainly used to evaluate the wear performance of specimens such as end faces and pins under the form of sliding friction at high temperature. It can be used to evaluate the wear performance of various metals, coatings, engineering plastics, ceramics and new materials such as powder metallurgy, and to determine their material wear resistance and material matching characteristics. It can be tested under various parameters such as load, speed, time, friction partner material, surface roughness, hardness, and test environment temperature. The tester has a friction mate extension space and can be used in two forms: end face and pin disc.

The use of high temperature end friction tester
Taber abrasion resistance tester

Ultra-high temperature material wear resistance testing machine can be applied to various professional and technical fields of tribology, petrochemical, machinery, energy, metallurgy, aerospace, various universities and colleges, research institutes (institutes) and other departments have a wide range of applications.

Spindle drive using AC servo motor and control system control, can achieve stepless speed regulation and the required speed range of constant torque output; test force applied using hydraulic closed-loop servo system control, test force applied smoothly and reliably, the size of the test force can be set by the operator in the computer interface; spindle speed, rpm, test force, friction torque, friction sub-temperature, test time and other parameters are controlled by the computer, can collect real-time test data and can draw the corresponding test curve, can be arbitrarily stored, read, printout test data or curve.