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The results of scientific research should not be locked in “drawers”

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:44

Scientific research results should not be locked in \"drawers\"

Liu Xianlin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a famous expert in photogrammetry and remote sensing, did not expect to become an “Internet celebrity” at 78 years old. He said the photo of him, barefoot and old leather shoes, sitting on the second-class seat of the high-speed train reviewing documents should not have received so much attention. \"This time it was an \'accident\' caused by the failure of the circle of friends.\" ”

This leader who relied on scientific research results to end China\'s history, which relied entirely on imports of advanced surveying and mapping instruments , and to accelerate the transformation of Chinese surveying and mapping from a traditional technological system to a digital technology. system, was a little shy when hesaid that. But that\'s an understatement.

On the afternoon of June 15, in the offices of the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping at No. 28 Lianhuachi West Road, Beijing, Liu Xianlin, a gray-haired man with a smile severe, pulled up two computer chairs to meet and discuss scientific research. The business guests then agreed to an exclusive interview with the author here.
 \"In the past two days, I have refused journalists who wanted to interview me. The online media has fermented too quickly and is too focused. This should not be everyone\'s attention world and waste so much time.\" Liu Xianlin deeply apologizing for these refusals: \"It\'s not easy for journalists, I understand. Autonomous media are also very powerful, I noticed.\" He also called Ding Jian, deputy director of the institute\'s office, to explain his original intention.
 “But since youcame in person, I can\'t refuse. » He said with a smile that he was actually not a person good at rejecting others.

“These shoes are actually quite good”

On June 12, academician Liu Xianlin led his team to Zhengzhou, Henan to participate in project exchanges, and then brought the G808 high-speed train back to Beijing. In order to facilitate communication with the team, he chose to ride second class with the team staff.
In the car, in order to prepare the thematic report of the conference on dissemination and application exchange of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping on the 14th , he printed the PPT and I edited it during the trip.
 “The photo circulating on the Internet was actually taken by a doctor in our team, and then he posted it on the WeChat group to express his admiration. Then someoneposted it on Moments, and then it spread. It\'s open.\" Wei Zhanying, the software manager of the scientific research team who took the high-speed train with Academician Liu Xianlin that day, said the team members had many photos of Academician Liu on their mobile phones, which were taken before, \"Every time we get rid of On the plane together, when we take the train, we often play with our mobile phones for a while, but he always uses this time to work. Seeing him work so seriously, we can\'t help but take photos, but we don\'t put them online. »

In reality, Liu Xianlin is more relaxed than in the photos on the Internet. He doesn\'t mind other people\'s comments and suggestions on his clothes. The old blue undershirt on his body is full of wrinkles and there are threads stuck to the back. , the shoesare still those in the photo, and the feet are still bare. He explained to the Paper reporter: \"These shoes are actually very good, very breathable, and it is more comfortable and more convenient to wear shoes barefoot in summer.\" \"

Liu Xianlin also pointed out the shirt he was wearing in the photo: \"I rarely wear it. I wore it specifically to discuss a project that day, a 20 million project. \"In his opinion, shirts are considered formal clothing. \"They are only worn when going to the Greau Hall of the People and promoting scientific research projects. ”

Shi Bo, associate professor at the School of Surveying and Mapping Science and Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology, participated in the group\'s research work research on mobile measurements by Academician Liu Xianlin during his doctoral studies at University of Science and TechnologyShandong technology. He told the newspaper that in 2008, while working with Liu Xianlin in Beijing, I discovered that Liu Xianlin was not used to wearing socks. Sometimes he would go out with his pant legs rolled up and dress casually like an old farmer. “He didn’t ask for it when everyone was eating together, but he liked to be more serious when doing academic research.” , decide what is right and do it wholeheartedly. »

Liu Xianlin once told Shi Bo about an academic embarrassment: One day in 1985, a large hole was opened in a wall on the third floor of the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping , in order to take the lead in its development. The completed orthoprojector was carried out of the building because he only focused on developing the equipment and did not think about how to transport the equipment out of the room.
Expandjointly a new type of vehicle navigator. Mou Naixia, an associate professor at the School of Surveying and Mapping Science and Engineering at Shandong University of Science and Technology, has also dealt with Liu Xianlin several times. He recalled that once the school held an academic conference and invited Liu Xianlin to participate, but due to the excessive number of participants, there were many guests and the seats were tense, so Liu Xianlin took the initiative to coordinate with everyone and not do things. difficult for the organizer.
 60 years of know-how
 A room full of desktop card slots and computers, an open space It is full of materials and equipment, and there is no dedicated office. All staff can come and go at will? This is Academician Liu Xianlin\'s office, located on the 7th floor of the institute. DevelopmentSoftware of many of his scientific research results was also produced here.
 “This large office was originally assigned to Academician Liu, but he insisted on turning it into a “computer room”, now the team works here. \"Wei Zhanying said that they also advised him, as an academician, to have office space to receive guests, hold meetings and rest, but he still insisted that everyone can move in,” he said. “It takes up such a big space by itself.” The office wastes too much. Create more space for everyone to work together, which will make scientific research exchanges more convenient. ”

Liu Xianlin\'s deep connection with surveying and mapping began when he was admitted to the Wuhan Institute of Surveying and Mapping in 1958. After graduating in 1962, he came to work at the Instscientific research institute of the National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping.eau of surveying and mapping, and has worked to this day on the front line of surveying and mapping work. \"When he was young, computers were not yet widely available and there was only one in the entire work unit. At that time, he had already started writing his own programs. To be able to use the computer, he waited to use it at night when others were not using it.\" Ding Jian said that the story of Liu Xianlin\'s youth has always been praised among younger generations.

In 1963, a year after working, Liu Xianlin proposed the analytical method of radiation triangulation, which was included in the specifications. The first method invented by the Chinese; the \"CNC plotter\", the \"ZS-1\" orthographic projector and associated software developed in the 1970s, making China the tthird country in the world to produce such instruments; In the 1980s, to get out of the situation in which our country was totally dependent on imported aerial measuring instruments and spent a lot of money, Liu Xianlin devoted himself to research and developed a series of major results, saving at countries nearly 200 million yuan, and also exported to many countries, earning more than 10 million yuan in foreign exchange. ?
Liu Xianlin brought major breakthroughs and subversions to the field of surveying and mapping in China. He twice won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Even though he is getting older, he is still innovating. He is now 78 years old and continues to innovate. Working on the newly developed vehicle-mounted laser electronic modeling system, \"They always laugh at me that I am going to sales and advertising again.\" LiuXianlin didn\'t care, \"I am engaged in scientific research through ups and downs.\" Liu Xianlin described it like this: \"Doing scientific research is difficult, but realizing the transformation of results is even more difficult and more difficult.fruit of scientific research and cannot be put aside or locked in a drawer. \"This is how he persisted, going deep into the front line and even participating in field operations, using very little funds to promote the industrialization of major scientific research results.
Wei Zhanying introduced that vehicle-mounted laser electronic modeling system Different from the static state of traditional equipment, the digitization of three-dimensional holographic geographic information can be performed. “On any street, as long as it is digitized, everything in sight can be processed and analyzed by the system andthen materialized. It can be precise enough to judge whether the existence of this road is reasonable based on traffic flow and pedestrian flow, and even subtle enough to identify the degree of damage to public facilities on the road. ”
When he mentioned the vehicle-mounted laser electronic modeling system, Liu Xianlin suddenly became excited and his words became dense. It took more than 10 years to finally bring the project to the forefront of industrialization. “This is a kind of Internet of Vehicles that can be widely used. If applied to insurance, it can reduce the accident rate of cars by 5%, which can bring great benefits. Our technology This means driving the car, scanning it with a laser, then modeling it, using the most advanced structured data to produce low-level data, such as three-dimensional dataional and flat, improving efficiency and implementing them through cloud computing, etc..\"

Liu Xianlin told The Paper newspaper that scientific research requires a spirit of craftsmanship and continuous innovation. The results require years of research and practice to stand the test and truly play a role.

Academician\'s human fireworks

In order to save more scientific research funds for the country, Liu Xianlin refused to equip a special car and a special driver. Liu Xianlin bought a car with his own money and drove it himself .Commuting; picking up your grandson from school and grocery shopping in person, running home to cook for your wife at lunch; decorate yourself, fix the sewers, go to the 4S store to repair cars; play WeChat, check Moments and use DingTalk? In the vie, Academician Liu Xianlin is no different from ordinary old people.
  He always mentioned his lover unconsciously. \"She has a lot of opinions on my dressing style, and she even criticized me this time.\" Liu Xianlin\'s tone was helpless but cheerful, \"I can\'t help it, I\'ve been like this for decades and I\'m used to it.\"

In these years, as long as Liu Xianlin was in Beijing, he immediately ran home to cook for his lover as soon as he took a break at noon. \"I can understand that when people are old, it is very lonely and difficult to be alone at home. \"So he tried his best to spend more money. I am with her and take care of her. She. In order to cook more delicious and healthy meals for him, he purchased a variety of pots, \"more than a dozen types of casseroles, woks and pressure cookers.\" But she always feels that what I cook is notquite delicious, so I\'m getting better at it now. , “I want to go out for a walk with her.” I have been married for almost 50 years, \"I have been busy with my work for so many years and I don\'t spend enough time with her.\"
When asked what his hobbies were, he thought for a while and couldn\'t say it. His greatest passion is surveying and mapping, as well as scientific research work. \"After I retire, I will only do a few small things and leave the big world to the young people in the team.\"
When he was young, Liu Xianlin was a music expert who played clarinet and violin . After his retirement, he never thought about practicing again. But he focused on his wife\'s hobbies: \"She often walks in the square next to her house, and she also wants to dance in the square. I can accompany her after I retire.\"
Deeply engaged in the field of surveying.Over the years, Mr. Liu has also observed the development status of national instruments. Many excellent products have emerged for domestic instruments, but relevant purchasing units still need to get rid of the superstition of high-end foreign equipment and choose domestic instruments with high technical standards in procurement.