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The principle of RCA paper tape abrasion tester to test paint film abrasion resistance

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:206

The rca paper tape wear tester is used to test the abrasion resistance of paint films and coating samples, also called RCA paper tape wear tester.
Sample production:
After wiping and electrostatic dust removal treatment on the base material, carry out spraying, printing or electroplating, and prepare samples with fixed specifications covered with one or more flat paint films to ensure that the surface of the sample is The appearance of the paint film is normal, without abnormal phenomena such as scratches, scratches, scratches, etc. The number of samples can guarantee at least 3 effective tests, and the original 20° gloss An and the original 60° gloss of each sample is measured with a haze meter.Gloss Bn and original haze value Cn

Adjustment and debugging:
Set the number of cycles to 10-30 times, the speed of the paper tape to 30 -40 revolutions per minute, place a product on the paper On the belt abrasion testthere the paint film is facing upwards and remains parallel to the horizontal plane, a load is applied and the balance bar is adjusted so that the pressure applied to the surface of the paint film is 175g or 275g.
Test test:
Start the test button to test, when the set number of cycles is reached, remove the sample, reset the sample on the paper belt abrasion tester, and continue to rub it in a circular motion until the layer is worn through paint film, uncovered surface or next layer of paint film, record the number of revolutions that wear through.