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The principle and standard analysis of the washing color fastness tester used in test experiments

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:36

Washing Color Fastness Tester is mainly used for testing the color fastness when washing textiles. The color fastness to the washing of textiles refers to the ability of textile colors to withstand various washings and is an important indicator to measure the utility value of textiles. This article mainly analyzes the similarities and differences between GB/T3921-2008 \"Textile Color Fastness to Soaping\" and GB/T 12490-2007 \"Textile Color Fastness Tests: Color Fastness to Home and Commercial Washing\", as well as the selection skills of related textile color fastness to washing testing techniques.

1. Principle
Sew the fabric sample and one or two pieces of specified lining fabric together, put it into soap liquor or a mixture of soap and anhydrous soda ash, under the specified time and temperature, first go through mechanical stirring, rinse and dry, and evaluate the discoloration of the sample and thestaining of the lining fabric with a gray sample card or instrument.

2. Comparison of Standards
Test Standards for Color Fastness to Washing: Currently, the standard GB/T3921-2008 “Fabrish fastness of textiles to soaps” is a revision of the standard GB/T3921.1-5-1997 and will be officially implemented on December 1, 2008. The new standard integrates the five parts of the old standard and makes revisions and adjustments to the selection of liners, combination sample cleaning and sorting methods. The revision of this standard adopts the standard ISO105-C10:2006 \"Textiles - Tests for color fastness part C10: Color fastness to washing with soap or soap and soda\". This is a small and fast test method for predicting color fastness when washing textiles in the laboratory. There are 5 washing methods from mild to heavy and the test temperature is 40-95°C.