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The pneumatic control valve can be equipped with accessories mainly including

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:45

When using a pneumatic control valve, it must be equipped with many accessories, and different working conditions require different accessories.

Before choosing the accessories of the pneumatic control valve, you must first understand what are the accessories of the pneumatic control valve?

Then consider which accessories to select based on your own working conditions:

Positioner and converter:

The positioner and converter are pneumatic control valve positioners with four functions of increasing output force, improving position accuracy, increasing action speed and converting electrical; while the electrical converter only has the function of electrical conversion. When comparing the two, the locator should be used.

Solenoid Valve:

PoFor the two-position control valve, the solenoid valve must be used to switch the gas signal, so that the main valve can be closed or opened. If the valve is out of control and the action does not work, there will be a big error, so the selection of the solenoid valve mainly considers its reliability;

Especially the safety opening (closing) valve used in the failure box More attention should be paid to its reliability. When selecting a solenoid valve, in addition to the model, you should also inform the signal, whether it is explosion-proof, and the switching position of the main valve in the event of a power outage.

Travel Switch:

In the past, more mechanical travel switches were used, but now most of them use switches contactless, which are simple, reliable and easy to install. Practical characteristicsticks.

Steering wheel mechanism:

There are two types of steering wheel mechanism: side and top. Due to the convenience of manual operation, it is widely used.

Air filter pressure reducer:

It can be connected to pneumatic instruments with air source pressure and electrc the positioner of valve, converter and air filter pressure reducing valve can be selected. pressure valve. It can not only filter the air, but also adjust the size of the air source pressure to obtain the required air source pressure value.