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The Importance of Combustion Performance Testing of Automotive Interior Materials أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:14

The importance of testing the combustion performance of automobile interior materials

The weather is getting hot soon, and this scene will occasionally appear on the highway, that is, the car bursts into flames spontaneously. Why do cars catch fire? The main reason is that the daily maintenance of the car is not in place, the car\'s electrical component circuit is aging, and the car is privately modified. Nowadays, many automobile interior materials generally do not have fire resistance, so it is of great practical importance to carry out combustion performance tests on automobile interiors.

Combustion characteristics are one of the important characteristic indicators of automobile interior materials. The performance of automotive interior materials is closely linked to occupants. In order to avoid or delay the expansion of the combustion, so that the occupants can safely leave the car which may be on fire within a certain period of time, the combustion system testing the characteristics of the interior materials is carried out in a specially designed combustion chamber. Made inside the box.

In automobile interior decoration, some flammable substances have more parts in contact with the human body, such as seats, car mats, airbags, etc. When the interior materials of these parts catch fire Direct contact with the human body will cause serious damage to the human body; some parts of the car, such as battery separators, car engine trims, etc., these textiles are close to the car engine, and it is easy to cause a fire when the car engine fails , causing the entire car to catch fire. The fire enteredine losses. Considering the above characteristics, much research has been carried out on the flame retardancy of automobile interior materials. For example, Hiromoto Maeda of Japan introduced the blend of hydrolysis-resistant polylactic acid fibers and natural fibers, which are heat-treated and compressed to make durable automobile parts.

At home and abroad, major automobile manufacturers have formulated strict regulations on the combustion characteristics of automobile interior materials. my country formulated the corresponding standard GB8410-87 in 1987 and revised the standard in 1994 to form GB8410-1994. This standard is a national mandatory standard and is one of more than 40 mandatory standards currently implemented in China\'s automobile industry. A.