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The fully automatic medicine packing machine can be customized upon request

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Fully automatic pharmaceutical liquid packaging machine can be customized upon request

This fully automatic pharmaceutical liquid packaging machine is prefabricated. bag automatic packing machine is matched with the liquid and sauce filling machine. It is mainly suitable for automatic dosing and packing of liquid and sauce materials such as fruit juice, tomato sauce, seasoning sauce, chili sauce, peanut butter, hand sanitizer and detergent.

Performance and characteristics of automatic pharmaceutical liquid packaging machine:

1. Wide range of packaging: suitable for liquid sauces in different states and properties;

2. Convenient operation: PLC control, man-machine interface operation The system makes operation intuitive and easy;

3. Convenient adjustment: Variety replacement can be completed in about ten minutes.

4. Suitable for various types of packaging bags;

5. Perfect prevention

6. The packaging part of the machine is made of stainless steel to ensure the hygiene of the material and meet the GMP standard;

7. High degree of automation: unmanned throughout the weighing and packing process, and automatic alarm when there is a malfunction;

8. Some imported engineering plastics are used, no need to refuel, reducing the pollution of materials;

9. The liquid packaging machine uses an oil-free vacuum pump to prevent contamination of the production environment;

10. The liquid packaging machine has a waterproof design and can be washed with water,which reduces the difficulty of cleaning and improves the life of the machine.

Automatic pharmaceutical liquid packaging machine parameters

Measuring method: weighing type

Packing range: 1- 1500g

Bag sizes: (mm): length (L) 40-100, width (W) 45-75

Packing accuracy: 1/1000F.S.2σ

Packing speed: ≤35 bags/min (according to material specifications and characteristics change slightly )

Power supply: 220V50--60Hz

Machine power: 300W

Total volume: L520*W630*H1750(mm)

Total weight: 320kg

After-sales service:

1 The product is authentic enough:our goods are never fake, each product is all real products, and they are all fair and honest, so please rest assured to buy.

2 Integrity is high enough: our company serves you sincerely and is a trustworthy company

3 Warranty is good enough: All products sold by our company are brand new products, if not brand new products, we will double the fee!

4 After-sales service is strong enough: Strictly carry out the three-warranty service, and the products sold will not have any scratches on the appearance due to their own quality problems ( not man-made): seven days replacement, one year warranty, out of warranty, we only charge the cost and provide high quality repair services.

5 Entity Management: Factories, corporations and monopolies across the country are chained and managed with integrity. Welcome to the company for transactions, and our company can sign sales contracts!

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Automatic medicine packing machine can be customized