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The difference between ATOS solenoid valve and electric valve

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The difference between ATOS plunger pump, ATOS gear pump, ATOS axial plunger pump, ATOS vane pump, ATOS cylinder and electric valve Expand and edit this paragraph

ATOS electric The difference between the valve and the solenoid valve:

ATOS solenoid valve is a magnetic attraction generated by the solenoid coil to overcome the pressure of the spring to make the valve core move. It is an electromagnetic coil with simple structure and low price, and can realize switching alone;

ATOS electric valve drives the valve stem through the engine to move the valve core. The electric valve is divided into (shut-off valve) and control valve valve. The valve is a two-position operation, that is, fully open and fully closed. The control valve is equipped with an electric positioner, and the valve is dynamically stabilized in one position by closed-loop control.

1. Circuit form:

The solenoid valve is driven by a coil and can only be opened or closed, and the action time is short when switching.

The electric valve is generally driven by a motor and takes a certain amount of time to simulate the opening or closing action, which can be adjusted.

2. Working nature:

ATOS solenoid valves generally have a small coefficient of flow and a small working pressure difference. For example, the coefficient of flow of a general 25 caliber solenoid valve is much smaller than that of a 15 caliber electric ball valve. The actuation of the solenoid valve is via the solenoid coil, which can be damaged relatively easily by voltage shocks. It is equivalent to the function of a switch i.e. on and off.

ATOS electric valves are generally driven by motors, which are more resistant to voltage shocks. Solenoid valves open and close fastel and are generally used in places with small flow and low pressure, where high switching frequency is required, and electric valves are the opposite. The opening of the electric valve can be controlled, and the state is open, closed, half-open and half-closed, which can control the flow of the medium in the pipeline, but the solenoid valve cannot meet this requirement.

ATOS solenoid valves can generally be reset when power is off, and electric valves need to add a reset device for such function.

3. Applicable process:

ATOS solenoid valve is suitable for some special process requirements, such as leakage, special liquid medium, etc., and the price is more expensive.

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