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The Complete Guide to the Cotton Opener

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1 What is meant by cotton openers?2 Characteristics of cotton openers3 The main task of cotton opener4 The composition of cotton opening machine5 Classification of cotton openers6 difference between Cotton Opener and Carding Machine7 How Cotton Opener Works8 Laboratory Opener DW7070H8.1 APPLICATION:8.2 FEATURES:9 KEY SPECIFICATION:

What is meant by Cotton Openers?

The Primary Purpose A cotton opener is designed to loosen and remove impurities from raw materials. The process of opening and removing impurities by the raw cotton opening machine is complementary to each other, at the same time loosening the raw cotton into small bundles of cotton, so that the fibers and impurities are separated, through the mechanical scattering part to complete the effect of removing impurities .

1. The cotton roll made by the BThe fibers sent in the cotton cleaning process are carefully opened and separated before the fiber is damaged, resulting in the fiber bundle being separated into a single fiber.

2. Remove impurities in cotton rolls, such as broken seeds, seed crumbs, infertility seeds, soft seed coats, dust, non-rotating fibers and fiber bundles can not be combed out and the fibers can stick to impurities, and they have the ability to spinnable fibers in the process of removing Recover impurities.

Characteristics of cotton opener

1. Use large rollers and several small rollers to twist and bite at a low speed of 1400 rpm to comb raw cotton tens of thousands of times without damaging the raw cotton.

2. Automatic cotton feeding device, safe and simple operation, long continuous running time, low maintenance.

3. Seamless tubular steel main roller and moreMore rollers combined, imported special slot winding rack, the main roller adopts high-speed electronic dynamic balance processing, the error is only 0.1-1g, to ensure that the machine runs more stable, no vibration, the overall life is longer, the maintenance costs are lower low value.

The main task of the cotton opener

1. Cotton Opener: Break up the pressed raw cotton into smaller cotton blocks or bundles to ensure even mixing and removal of impurities.

2. Cotton Cleaning : Remove most impurities, stains and short fibers not suitable for spinning.

3. Roll: Make a roll of cotton with a certain weight, length, uniform thickness and good shape.

4. Cotton Mixing: Mix raw cotton completely and evenly with various components, which has a positive effect on aAffects the stability of cotton yarn quality.

Slit winding cotton opener, imported special rack, the main roller is high-speed electronic dynamic scale processing, the error is only 0.1-1g to ensure the machine more stable running, there is no vibration, and the overall service life is longer.

The composition of the cotton opening machine

1. Take cotton machines: rip them off cotton bags, grab a cotton block.

2. Cotton Blending Machines: The raw materials are fully blended, function of loosening and removing impurities.

3. Dissolving and removing impurities machines: Using different parts of raw materials for dissolving and removing impurities.

4. Cotton cleaning and winding machines: more detailed removal of impurities, made of uniform cotton roll.

Classification of cotton o.ffern

1. The opening path of six-roller opening machine and porcupine opening machine: free opening and holding opening, holding opening is stronger than free opening.

2. The opening principle of six-roller opening machine: from bottom to top in 45 degrees -Angles increase the speed in turn. When the racket blade is inserted into the cotton bag, it pushes through the rib through the rib gap and grasps the cotton block, the opening effect is realized.

Difference between cotton opener and carding machine

The carding machine is a common equipment in textile mills dedicated to Thread spinning is used to spin out the thread without a fork, so carding When carding cotton, parallel carding is used at the same time to remove the machineThe cotton fiber is on both ends of the hook. When the carding machine cards the cotton quilt, it separates easily and the quilt separates easilyt bind. The phenomenon is that the loss of carding cotton to cotton is larger. The positioning of the cotton opener is done separate the hardened cotton. This process is for separation only and does not deal with the cotton fiber itself.

How the cotton opener works

1. When feeding, the chemical fiber should be shaken loosely and evenly placed on the feeding curtain. It must not be too high, which must not exceed the height of the iron plate on both sides of the cotton opening machine frame, so that it is fed evenly. The bulk of each piece of material shaken off on the conveyor belt must not exceed one kilogram and ensure that the material feed to the card is not interrupted.

2. Two types of materials must not be put together in the manufacture of products. Mixing will occur, resulting in defective products.

3. Measure in theIrregular production, whether the discharge weight of the hopper is the same as the practice set weight, and correct any errors in time to maintain the correct ratio of product materials.

4. If the material is found to have bad smell, moisture, mildew, black spots, oil stains, impurities, etc., it should be stopped immediately and reported in time.

5. Use flowers evenly. Clean man-made fibers that fall on the ground or in the machine building must be picked up and used appropriately to avoid waste.

6. Open the belly of the cotton machine and clean it Remove the dirty chemical fibers from the machine on the floor and put them in the designated bag for collection and disposal.

7. Check from time to time whether there are any metallic substances on the coarse loose and fine loose suction iceen find time, and remove them, especially when you hear the metal beating sound in the cotton line, you need to check the suction iron, and you need to check8. Timely remove clogged flowers, hanging colors in the cotton storage box and the cotton return box of the cotton opener, foreign objects on the card.

8. Timely remove clogged flowers head of each wave, place materials and tools according to regulations, and keep equipment and floor clean and tidy.

9. If a peculiar odor and abnormal movement of the motor, rotating parts and bearings are detected, Observe carefully and report immediately.

DW7070H Lab Opener


The DW7070H lab opener is designed to open and fold raw cotton into monofilaments and removeof impurities. It is the ideal system for teaching, research, etc.

FEATURES: The equipment mainly consists of feeding plate, feeding roller, particle knife, licker-in, waste chamber, cotton chamber, etc. All-metal structure, sturdy and durable; well combined fine knife and licker-in make carding more effective; Waste chamber at the bottom of the machine, equipped with lighting function;

DW7070H Lab Opener

It comes in three motor controllers and one light controller divided. The three motors correspond to the processes “work”, “input” and “feed”, respectively. PLC + touch screen control, easy to learn and operate; High mechanical and electrical integration, stable and reliable; Electrical integrated control, easy to maintain. With emergency stop button; vier wheel feet, move freely.KEY SPECIFICATION:

Control systemPLC + touch screenApplicable fiber length20~50mmFeed volume0.5-1kg/hFeed roller diameterΦ57mmLicker-in sizeΦ238mm*330mmLicker -in-speed 900rpm power supply AC380V, 50Hz, 3 phase