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The 2017 graduate salary rankings for students are released.

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:47

2017 University Graduate Salary Rankings Released

Recently, artificial intelligence company IPIN released a 2017 Chinese University Graduate Salary Rankings. The list analyzes the employment situation of graduates over 2 ,000 universities and more than 1,000 majors across the country, and calculates the average salary of graduates from each college five years after graduation. This data shows the employment situation of universities in my country in great detail, from which we may be able to obtain references.
According to these salary data, the average monthly salary of graduates of top 100 colleges and universities is 10,602.05 yuan five years after graduation. The monthly salary of graduates from 63 top colleges and universities all exceeds 10,000 yuan, compared with 39 colleges and universities last year. The number of colleges and universitiescounting “10,000 yuan households” increased by 62%.
Judging from the universities on the list, the average salary of Tsinghua University graduates five years after graduation reached 14,918 yuan, which represents a certain increase compared to last year. The salary of graduates from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics is second only to Tsinghua University, reaching 14,205 yuan. The average salary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University graduates five years after graduation also reached 13,739 yuan, placing them third. Except for these three universities, the top ten universities are all from Beijing and Shanghai. Looking at the entire list, universities in tier one cities clearly have an advantage in terms of graduate salaries.
Among the many types of higher education institutions and uuniversities, higher education institutions in finance, languages, sciences and engineering have always been favored by companies, and 2017 is no exception. The five foreign language schools on this list are all ranked among the top 50, and the average monthly salary of graduates after five years will reach 11,150.2 yuan, ranking first among all types of colleges. There are 37 graduate schools of science and engineering, which represent the largest proportion of all categories, while graduate schools of finance and economics occupy three of the top ten seats. In addition, a highlight this year is the sudden emergence of art schools and universities in fierce competition, dominating the rankings, such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Beijing Film Academy , etc.
Judging from this year\'s data, the salary of college graduates showsstill a clear upward trend. There are 62 colleges and universities with graduates whose monthly salary exceeds 10,000 yuan five years after graduation. Compared to 39 colleges last year, the number has increased significantly. Finally, let\'s take a look at this list of salary data (this data list comes from IPIN, which is calculated based on five years of salary data for college graduates):