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Test of the new Suzuki Vitara: interior materials need improvement أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:8

New Suzuki Vitra review Interior materials need improvement

Now the domestic automobile industry is developing very rapidly and SUV models are now the most demanded on the market. , the most popular model on sale. Therefore, joint venture brands and independent domestic brands are paying more and more attention to the SUV field. Recently, Suzuki launched a Suzuki Vitara model.


In terms of appearance, this coach uses the model of the current model. The exterior design continues to use the now popular two-tone body design, and the overall design is dynamic. The first two aspects are equipped with a double banner air intake, and the grille is also decorated with chrome decorative strips. The LED headlights on both sides are highly visible and integrated into the air intake grille. The overall shape is very fashionable . The rear part is relatively inconspicuous compared to the front, but the taillights look more avant-garde and the silver lower guard also makes this car more stable.


In the interior part, the interior design of Suzuki Vitra also adopts In addition to Suzuki\'s traditional design method, the interior color scheme is mainly dark. This design method and color combination show the heavy feeling of this car. However, the workmanship and materials used inside are not particularly ideal, and the plastic The feeling is strong and the hand feeling is not particularly comfortable.


In terms of configuration, the Suzuki Vitara is equipped with one-button start, keyless access, heated front seats, front and rear reversing radar, cruise control and dynamic stability system as well as functions such as steep hill descent. In terms of configuration, this car is still very rich.