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Test method of fabric static tensile property tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:104

Fabric Static Tensile Properties Tester is used to measure the elongation and deformation rate of stretch yarns or textile fabrics made of stretch yarns under fixed loading conditions. It is independently developed and produced by qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Test Equipment.

Applicable standards:

ASTM D 3107-2007

Test method:

1. Constant force value method :

The upper end of a sample of a certain specification is clamped in the upper device, and a weight of a certain weight is suspended below. After 4 loadings, the sample recovery performance is tested.

2. Fixed length method:

Clamp the upper and lower ends of a sample of a certain specification into the upper and lower clamps respectively, move the lower clamp to stretch singingillon to a certain length and then maintain it at a certain length. Measure sample recovery performance after a certain time.

Testing principle:

1. The upper support of the machine clamps one end of the sample and apply pressure to the other end. Use some initial load weight and mark two distances from the bottom end of the bracket;

2. Then apply the specified loading weight to the sample and wait for 1 hour or as specified Measure the distance between the two marks after the time;

3. Remove the weight, apply the initial weight after 30 seconds or 1 hour or other specified time, and measure the distance between the two marks again. Spacing;

4. Then calculate the tensile elastic recovery rate (%) and residual strain rate (%) of the sample using special formulas.

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