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Test method for abrasion resistance of floor coatings

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:132

The abrasion resistance test of floor coatings is a widely used test standard in the flooring materials industry. Since the surface of flooring materials is usually fixed with a coating, the abrasion resistance of the coating is a concern. This article Norm Group (The engineer of Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. will give you a brief answer to introduce the test method for floor coating wear resistance.


The test of the abrasion resistance of the paint film mainly includes the Taber method and the falling sand method S33 and S42 methods of friction devices. The principle of the Taber CS17 method is to apply the paint to a glass plate with a small round hole in the center. After the paint has solidified and formed a film, weigh it. Samples, one on the left and one on the left, the coating load can be adjusted by adding weights, starting the machine, the test piece rotates with the wheel and the two grinding wheels are drivenven. Due to the certain elasticity of the grinding wheel, a certain deformation occurs under pressure, and the contact surface with the coating does not form a line. The speed and direction of each upper and lower corresponding contact point in the contact surface are different, resulting in friction. The principles of the Taber S33 and S42 method are similar to those of the CS17 method, but the rubber grinding wheel has been replaced by a sandpaper belt.


The pull-out method is mainly used in Northern Europe. The two Taber methods are widely used in the world. The sanding results of different methods may not be comparable. The factors influencing Taber method test results are more complicated. In general, the coating should be tested with glass as a substrate to make the test reproducible. If the test is changed to a wooden substrate, the reproducibility will decrease. The Taber method has otherstest method numbers, such as CS0, etc., depending on the load applied. Another kind of paper belt abrasion tester is widely used in paint and ink manufacturers. It uses a roll of paper tape made of a special material as the friction test medium and passes it from one roll to another. Apply a load (usually 175 g) and after a certain number of passes, observe the wear of the paint film or measure the remaining film thickness.