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Technical characteristics of the random pilling tester معدات اختبار

Author: Released in:2022-12-05 Click:35

Product Description:

The pilling tester can detect pilling and linting of fabrics. Under the action of the rotation of the stainless steel blades in the independent test chamber made of aluminum alloy, the test substance is continuously and randomly rubbed against the cork coating. The duration of the test is controlled by a timer and an audible alarm. Compressed air can also be blown into the test chamber to improve rotation and friction. Effect. There are 2 or 4 test rooms. Standard laboratory compressed air is required.

Applicable standards:

ASTMD3512, GB/T4802.4, ISO12945.3, JISL1076-D

Test principle:

Place samples of 105 mm × 105 mm in the test box, under the action of the impeller rotation, the cork coating of the storage box continues to rub randomly. Adjust thetimer on the specified time, and when the set time is up, a continuous tone will sound, indicating that the test is complete. During the test, compressed air is blown into the test chamber to improve rotation, and the air pressure can be adjusted.

Main parameters:

1. Sample test room: 2 or 4;

2. Drum Specification: 146×152mm;

3. Specification of cork liner: 452×146×1.5mm (L×W×H);

4. Stir Bar Specification: L=121mm;

5. Speed: 1200 rpm;

6. Compressed air: 0.014-0.021 MPa;

7. Power Supply: AC220V50Hz80W;

8. Outline: 480×400×680mm;

9. Weight: 40 kg.

Technical characteristics:

1. Each test chamber is equipped with rotating knives stainless steel;

2. Equipped with a test room that requires good sealing;

3. Equipped with digital electronic counters;

4. Equipped with an alarm device at the end of the experiment;

5. Equipped with pressure gauge and timer.