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Technical characteristics and main structure of Pilling Tester Instrument معدات اختبار

Author: Released in:2022-12-05 Click:33

Product Description:

Shanghai Qianshi Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, development, production and sales of wear resistance test equipment, integrating high-tech R&D and production enterprises. Founded in 2012, the company currently has various advanced imported production and testing equipment.

Qianshi Instrument is a positive, progressive, united and cooperative team with strict management. Qianshi has a strong R&D, production and sales team to meet different customer needs. Products include fiber tester, yarn tester, fabric tester, carpet tester, geotextile tester and other industry-related test equipment. Such as wash resistance testers, fabric abrasion testers, pilling testers, rub resistance testersresistance testers and sweat resistance testers, etc.

Technical characteristics frs Pilling Tester

(1) Pilling course : For 40mm circular motion, it can be clockwise or counterclockwise.

(2) Sample reciprocating speed: 60 times/min.

(3) Printing example: Direct printing method is used. When fluffing, the sample can be chosen between 50 and 80 grams. During pilling, the sample can be compressed or adjusted to be subjected only to elastic friction.

(4) Counting and automatic stop: Adopting JDM-41 electromagnetic counter with fixed value sending mechanism.

(5) Automatic refueling: The SJ B-1 type electromagnetic transistor pump is used to automatically refuel moving parts after take-off.

(6) MMotor: JX07 (single-phase capacitor motor), 40 watts, 1400 rpm.

(7) Dimensions: 450 x 400 x 450 (width x depth x height) in millimeters.

The main structure of Pilling Tester Instruments

(1) The movement of the grinding head:

The speed curve of the grinding head in the instrument directly affects the friction effect between the specimen and the abrasive. This instrument uses a JX 07 capacitor motor, and the speed is reduced by the first-stage worm gear installed in the gearbox. The speed ratio is 1: Han, so the grinding head can reach a speed of 60 revolutions per minute. The movement of the grinding head is driven by the eccentric convex nail. The alternate "cross" of the carriage moves the sample and the abrasive back and forth. The eccentric distance of the eccentric convex nail determines the size of the trajectory. The trajectoryre of this instrument is a circle 40 mm in diameter (countless compound circles). When the forward and reverse switches are toggled, kann a clockwise or anti-clockwise movement trace can be obtained.

According to the experiment, this type of circular orbit is symmetrical, so there is no regulation on the longitudinal and width directions of the sample, and there is no special requirements on the direction of sample clamping and the advantages of ensuring smooth rubbing motion of each point of the sample are guaranteed. Moreover, we use the brush on the background and the sample in the design. In this way, the abrasion and small things will not remain on the rub test, which will affect the test effect.

(2) Sample Compression:

The size of the sample under compression is the second factor related to the shape of the pilling. The instrument uses the method ofe direct pressure, the mechanism is simple, and the pressure is effective, the grinding head is equipped with five handles (that is, the pressure hammer), which according to the verDifferent raw materials can be selected, and the range of pressure is 500 to 800 grams. , match the position of the sample to the position of the brush, and the sample will get a pressure of 13-21 g/cm2 due to different pressure. When continuing the pilling test, all you have to do is loosen the set screw on one side of the grinding device, slide the device, keep the brush away from the specimen, hold the sample and the pilling abrasive in an appropriate position, then tighten. the positioning screw. To be very clear, pilling has different pressurization requirements, and "pilling" must occur under fairly intense relative friction conditions, one hopes.re therefore that there will be greater pressurization pressure, and the formation of "pilling" occurs mainly under slight pressure. It occurs under friction conditions, so the pressurization pressure should get ring and it is advisable to grab it.

This problem has been taken into account when designing this instrument, so that the height of the sanding arc is adjustable. It can ensure that the pilling is under pressure in the free state, and the pilling can cause the sample and the abrasive to have only elastic friction; or apply the same pressure when pilling to ensure that the pilling shape in the test and the pilling shape in the actual wear are consistent.

(3) Abrasive Selection:

When the instrument is used for the pilling test, 2201 pure wool gabardine is used for 10 mm thickness of foam to padding The plastic isused as the grinding dust, a nylon wire brush of a certain specification is used. Since these two types of abrasives are readily available and have a long service life, they create conditions for the stability of test data. buoyancy effect The length of the bristles on the brush means the deflection of the bristles when the test force is applied. In general: The hairs are short and strong; The tip is easy to bend, affecting the fluffiness and reducing the life of the brush. If the bristles are too short and less than 10 mm long, the effect is strong and the sample may be scratched. After many tests, the hair length is about 15mm. Get ideal results. Before using the new brush iFor use on the machine, it must be "cleaned". After 2-3 years of use, the brush begins to age. If the fluffy effect is affected, the brush should be replaced with the same sspecification.

(4) Counting and automatic stop:

Counting and automatic stop are essential parts of the instrument, we use JDM-41 four-digit electromagnetic Counter counts the number of Try. There is a shipping point with a fixed value. When the number of tests reaches the specified stable value, the instrument automatically stops rotating and the automatic stop indicator sends a signal.

Using this type of counters reduces the labor intensity of the test operation (the mind does not need to be highly concentrated). The next test can only be performed after pressing the reset button. When using the meter, please note: ① gently press the reset button; ② When adjusting the stabilization value, press the reset button to press the transparent sheet cover and ensure that the tacsoil hes do not touch the character wheel; ③ The arc transparent cover must be closed after the stabilization value is specified, otherwise the signal cannot be sent and the count cannot be performed. Shanghai Qianshi Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Helpline: 400-8213149 Telephone for instrument advice: 13671843966 Address: Room 103, Floor 1, Building 1, No. 258, Banting Road, Jiuting Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai