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——Technical characteristics and applicable scope of car bump tester أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:19

qisnun——Technical characteristics and scope of application of automobile crash tester

Scope of application:

The crash tester is mainly used to evaluate seat components or complete seating systems. The evaluation criteria are generally visual judgments. These include wear patterns or the general durability of the seat cover material, foam, and underlying support structure.

Top hump loading mechanism includes: Proper body shape and free weights can be added if necessary. The upper assembly is guided to the main support frame via eight ball bearings and four parallel arms made of lightweight aluminum. The entire setup is height adjustable, keeping the arms parallel to level. The upper crane lifts the loading equipment while inspection samples are installed or removed.

A waitSpecial attention must be given to the fact that the load of the sample body loaded by this type of machine must be precise and correct, without causing excessive inertia loads, like some other testing machines. For some competitive equipment, these significant inertia loads increase the severity of the test and may cause some edge samples to fall.

The lower striking table is driven by a hydraulic servo and is operated by a PC control system. The vertical movement is sinusoidal and has a programmable frequency and acceleration. For a given acceleration, the amplitude decreases as the frequency increases. The system is also capable of performing frequency “sweeps” and other experimentally determined sequences. The software itself was written in Visual Basic by Schap Specialty Machinery and run under the Windows operating environment.

In general, this type of systemme destructive testing is very simple to install and use. Technicians who have attended P.C. will easily learn to use the machine and software.

Analysis of the characteristics of the Japanese bumpy superstructure:

The bumpy superstructure is the unbalanced style of Japan. Loading is done by placing the weight on each standard reception structure. The mooring form can be raised as the chain is lowered. When our protection table is lowered and the chain is lowered, allowing the host form to fall onto the seat, the cushioning factor of the seat can be calculated. When used with an appropriately sized hydraulic power pack, the table can also provide independent hydraulic twisting.


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Vaulting tables:

Vaulting tables are autonomous units that can be rented separately or with a hydraulic unit and rental of a senior frame. The tapping table can produce a ring (sine wave) output with frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 50 Hz and amplitudes from 0 to 50 mm. PC controlled bump table, with a rotation control car, and has software for seat (or any other project requiring a hoop or vibration), trigger testing as well as resonance testing and depreciation. The striking table can perform a table move or top move (saddle) operation in move mode. The bump table may also operate in an acceleration mode, in which the amplitude of the bumps varies to maintain constant acceleration of the bump table or its upper portion.ieure (saddle). Acceleration can be controlled from 0G to 3G, depending on the test frequency.