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Taber 5900 Abraser Components معدات اختبار

Author: Released in:2022-11-30 Click:49

Product Introduction

Scratch resistance and abrasion resistance of fleece fabrics, etc. The LCD screen controls and displays the testing process and parameters such as the number of reciprocating scrapes, movement strokes and reciprocating movement speeds can be set according to the user's needs. The unique friction arm design realizes the replacement of various friction heads. Accurately check the implementation of pressure according to the principle of lever balance. Fully meet the different requirements of different standards for friction shape, friction head, pressure, etc.

Test Principle:

The test sample is fixed on a horizontal sample platform, abraded while the sample platform moves horizontally under the specified abrasive and load. The other end of the test arm is equipped with a weight to maintain the balance of the test arm to dto ensure the accuracy of the load on the sample surface. Abrasives and loading frames are height adjustable for testing samples of different heights.

Applicable Standards:

ASTMF2495, GME60248, GME60368GMW14125, ISO1518

Main parameters:

1. Travel range: 6-120mm adjustable;

2. Speed ​​range: 1-100 reciprocating/min infinitely adjustable;

3. Equipment dimensions: 532mm * 471mm * 630mm (W * D * H);

4 .Instrument power supply: 220V, 50HZ, 1A.

Main accessories:

1. Host: 1 set;

2. Test arm kit: 2 sets;

3. Weight kit: 6 (1N, 2N, 2.5N , 5N, 10, 24N);

4.15 grinding head: 2 (semicircle R18, length 40 mm);

5. Example mounting frame: 2 sets;

6. Brush: 1 piece;

7.Grinding head repairing sandpaper: 1 Package (20 pieces);

8. Solid stainless steel abrasive;

9. CS-10 grinding head: 2 ;H-18 grinding head: 2pcs.


The instrument consists of the following parts: extra weight, friction head , balance bar, fixed button, lock button, balance weight; LCD Display; on-off switch; emergency stop button.

Additional weights: Different additional weights are equipped according to different standards and customer needs. After setting the balance, the weight of the additional weights will be the weight of the sample.

Friction head: According to different standards and customer needs, there are many types of friction head to be replaced. The instrument is equipped with friction heads and their attachments as follows: For the D42 1775 grinding head, sandpaper must be attached to the arc surface of the grinding head during operation. For on rubber geassembled grinding heads and sets, the sets must be disassembled during use,

Put the green grinding head in the center of the set, then use the jacking wire to extend and secure, and the grinding head will be exposed 0.1 inch from the surface of the set.

Fixed knob: Loosen the fixed knob, if the weight of the balance weight and the friction head can not reach the balance, the balance bar will tilt. On the contrary, if the fixed button is locked, the current position can be locked even if the balance bar is unbalanced.

Lock Knob: After tightening, the front and rear ratio of the balance bar can be locked.

Balance bar: It plays the role of measuring whether the lever balance is reached and supports the connection.

Balance weight: According to the principle of lever balance, move the front and back positions ofthe balancing weight to balance with the friction head. Make the pressure of the extra weight equal to the pressure experienced by the actual fabric.

LCD screen: It has the functions of setting test parameters, displaying and controlling the test process.

Power switch: Turns the instrument on or off.

Emergency stop button: In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button to turn off the instrument.