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Standard Group: Circular Track Method Fabric Pilling Tester “5” Discount Promotion

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:34

All products manufactured and sold by Standard Group have undergone rigorous testing and calibration before leaving the factory to ensure that each product can meet mainstream standards, and each product is accompanied by a certificate of compliance with relevant CE, EMC and equipment safety regulations. We not only provide you with the best test instruments and experimental consumables, but also provide you with professional test standards and test method manuals. With 12 years of professional field experience, we have a professional after-sales engineer team to ensure that you can solve your after-sales concerns; 12 years of sales reputation, products in Vietnam, Thailand and more than 20 countries at home and abroad are widely recognized by customers.

All employees of Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. are always a person and a company with a responsibilitybeen the attitude. We believe that only by helping customers grow and progress, the company's development can be stronger and long-term. That is why Standard Group has invested heavily in service attitudes. Whether customer inquiries, product knowledge explanations, experimental training, product maintenance, etc., we always adhere to the principle that customer satisfaction is our greatest reward, and sincerely provide customers with various services. At the same time, Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is committed to changing the industry structure and improving the technology and performance of domestic instruments. It has invested heavily in research and development of some core products. Currently, it has made major breakthroughs. Some key products have achieved independent research and development and integrated production and sales. The product quality is excellent and can meet theapplicable test standards. It has passed the inspection of the Shanghai Quality Inspection Bureau and passed various tests. We have strong research and development strength and financial support, so we always believed that Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Kong) Co., Ltd. becomes the market leader.

To mark the 12th anniversary of the founding of Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in the future, and to thank many government testing agencies, third-party testing service companies and many cooperative enterprises for their trust and support, Standard Group now decides to launch a 50% discount monthly sales model for fabric pilling instruments with circular trajectory method. improve the competitiveness of the market and control the testing of the product quality.Refer to...

Detailed parameter analysis of the instrument for pilling substances with the circular path method:
Scope of application:
This instrument is used to test the fluff balloon status of woolen fabrics, chemical fiber pure cotton, blended, knitted and woven fabrics to identify product quality and process effects. The fabric is tested by rubbing against a nylon brush and abrasive, or only in a conditioned state.

GB/T 4802.1 JIG 040

Technical parameters:
1. The contact gap between the grinding head and the grinding table ≤0.2mm
2. The parallelism between the grinding head and the grinding table ≤0.3mm
3. The relative movement track between the grinding head and the grinding table 40 ± 1 mm
4. The surface of the nylon brush is flat, and the height difference is <0.5mm
5. 6. Grinding head weight 490cN±1%
7. Weight large hammer 290cN±1%
8. Small hammer weight 100cN±1%
9. Number of selection times 1~9999
10. Meet standard testing requirements

Samplesype Pressure, from cN Wool times Pilling times Chemical fiber silk knit fabric 590 150 150 Chemical fiber woven fabric 590 50 50 *Need to wear (combed blended) 490 30 50 Combed wool fabric 780 0 600 Carded wool fabric 490 0 50

Note: Due to the innovation and improvement of product performance and technical specifications will also be changed without notice, please refer to the real-time parameters. The company reserves the right of modification and final interpretation.