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Specimen setup for Taber Linear Abraser

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:139

When the Taber linear abrasion tester is used for testing, since the size and shape of the abrasion test material is different, it is necessary to determine an appropriate sample holder to ensure that the sample is secured in place. If the product is changed or moved during testing, inconsistent wear paths can multiply, compromising test results.
It is recommended to test the sample as close to the spline axis as possible. This reduces the moment arm of the spline shaft, which in turn minimizes the tendency of the spline shaft to deflect as the test accessory is dragged across the sample. To reproduce the test results, it is important that the specimen cannot be obstructed by the movement of the test accessory and that the specimen is positioned in the same way for each test and mounting method.

T-Slot Universal Bench:
The T-Slot Universal Bench offers a large test surface and can accommodate up to 5/16 -in. and 3/8\" T-slot configuration clips. The T-slot universal table has two T-slot configuration clips that ensure it holds the flattest samples and other shaped products. There are also spacer strips that can be used to space the surface approximately 2 in. It is recommended to minimize spline shaft deflection when testing flat samples.

The optional sample holder can be used with the T-slot universal table. Mount flat, semi-flexible or flexible samples fixed with the wide-slot sample clamp set.
Lightweight flexible materials such as textiles can be attached to the T-slot universal table using the optional sample holder plate. An 8 mm diameter rod is placed under the sample to prevent pre-tensioning. provide and reduce movement of the tested samplen. The sample holder plate has an opening of 11 mm x 140 mm.
When testing data cards with the Magnetic Stripe Wear Kit sample clip, a T-slot universal stand is recommended. This test stand has recessed areas to hold data cards securely in place. Semicircular finger holes make it easy to remove the data card after testing is complete.
The wire clamp ensures that the wire or cable sample remains in place during testing. For use, cylindrical objects designed to be at least 3.5 inches long and 0.037 - 0.098 inches in diameter, the support portion includes raised areas with 0.080 radius recesses to accommodate the sample on the holder. Attach to the universal T-slot table with two T-slot fasteners.

Universal Sample Table:
The Universal Sample Table is a multifunctional sample holder for the Taber linear abrasion instrument, including three heatadjustable chucks. Standard vise heads feature nylon jaws that provide a \"soft grip\" and open approximately 57mm. The wide opening vise head jaws are designed to open approximately 150mm to the rib. The neoprene-coated jaws provide a good grip and, when inverted, form a \"V\" shape to hold cylindrical objects. The third interchangeable head is a gripper head with a 135 flat diameter face on the front.
Universal stage has a low profile mounting with a \"split-ball\" design. This allows the head of the sample positioning clamp to be tilted, rotated or swiveled. The universal sample table is mounted on the bottom of the linear grinding wheel to ensure that it does not move during testing.

For more information about Taber linear wear tester, please search directly for Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. or call 021 for consultation 678 or 01892.