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Solve the problem that the constant temperature and humidity box does not cool

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:45

How to manage the non-cooling of the box at constant temperature and humidity? The following analysis is made on the reasons for the box not cooling at constant temperature and humidity:

Failure phenomenon:

1. Temperature does not drop or No rise temperature

2. Humidity cannot drop or rise

3. Leakage of refrigerant

4. The refrigeration system is blocked (capillary blocked )

Reasons for failure:

1. ① Heat dissipation is not good. Install an air conditioner with appropriate power to cool or open doors and windows to ventilate the air in the place where the equipment is used

②The refrigeration system is blocked, find the clogging point , replace the dryer filter, add the indicated refrigerant on the compressor and put back into operation

③The condenser fan is damaged, replace the condenser fan

2.①The heat dissipation is not good

②The compressor is damaged, replace the compressor of the same type, (same brand)

③The overcurrent protection is abnormal, the overvoltage protection current setting value is damaged or current setting value is caused by poor debugging Zoom out


1 ①Compressor is damaged or not turned on, replace compressor and check if the control compressor circuit and control components are damaged

②Refrigerant leak, use the nitrogen leak detection method to find the leak point, weld, drain, add refrigerant, Return to service

③ Solenoid valve action is abnormal, replace solenoid valve, check solenoid valve control circuit

④ Capillary is blocked , replace the capillary, replace the dry filter, remove impurities from the condensation system with nitrogen and add rerefrigerant for debugging

Cool down

2. ① The heating tube is damaged (you can replace it)

② The solid state relay is damaged and you can replace it

3. ①The humidification tube is damaged and you can replace it Yes

②The water level float that controls humidification does not float

③The humidification solid state relay is damaged