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Solutions to Common Chromatography Workstation Problems

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:57

Chromatography Workstation is an auxiliary workstation software that assists in the sampling of chromatographic instruments and the analysis and processing of voltage signal data in the collection of chromatographic detectors. It is often used in laboratories and will come with many problems. The following is Share with us how to deal with common problems of several chromatography workstations:

1. Power supply requirements

The grid system that provides a power supply to chromatography workstations requires continuous stability; in the factory, avoid following The high-power power supply system has the same source and the same line; in addition, a stabilized power supply is installed in front of the workstation power supply.

2. Grounding

Chromatographic detector and host computer must be grounded, and the grounding wire should not be connected to the water pipe or other sewage iron pipes.

3. There is no signal on the chromatography station

3.1 If the power supply is damaged, if the power indicator is not on, the power may be damaged

3.2 If the power light is on, then everything is fine Install the workstation to another computer and judge whether the chromatography workstation has a signal without connecting it to the chromatography instrument. If there is no signal, the workstation hardware may have been damaged. In this case, the workstation hardware can be returned to the factory for repair.

3.3 If the chromatography workstation has a signal on another computer, the serial port of the computer where the workstation is installed may have been damaged. It is recommended to switch to another serial port or replace itby a new computer to install the chromatography workstation.

4. Workstation software is unstable

It is recommended to check and kill the virus first. If the problem cannot be solved, you can only reinstall the operating system (this is a real operating system)

5. Precautions for use

Try not to use the computer with the chromatography station installed on the Internet, and do not use other non-antivirus floppy disks or CDs to avoid virus cross-infection.

6. During the calibration process, there is a prompt that the area or concentration of some peaks is zero

Check if the concentrations of all component peaks in the component table have been defined and the time interval is set If appropriate, because if the time interval is too large, other peaks may be misjudged as peakss of components, and if it is too small, it is not enough to fully identify the component peaks of all concentrations. In short, the time interval setting should be just right, neither too big nor too small.