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Solution to abnormal compressor of xenon lamp aging testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:29

As the technology of xenon lamp aging testing machine becomes more and more advanced, the efficiency of the refrigeration system has been improved to a higher level. Therefore, for the compressor, the core component of the refrigeration system, the probability of failure and the frequency of failures are significantly reduced. But once the test box compressor fails, it will be a fatal failure for the equipment. The R&D engineer of Qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. stated that sufficient attention should be paid to the failure of the test chamber compressor, and the following inspection steps and solutions should be strictly followed:

1 Inspection steps:

1. Check the location of the equipment to see if it is more than 30 cm from the wall;

2. Is there an enclosed space around?


1. Otherwise, please keep a distance of more than 30cm around the machine location, because heat dissipation will increase the working current of the compressor, causing the protection device to operate against overcurrent;

2. If the environment is a closed space, the temperature of the environment will increase and the operating current of the compressor will also increase. High, so that the over-current (heat accumulation) protection works, so please keep the environment ventilated;

3. After solving the above problems, please adjust the three electromagnetic switches under the machine room of the xenon lamp aging test chamber. Current protection (heat accumulation chamber). Press the back button down. If you hear a click, it means the compressor is overloaded, but it will return equalis lying at that time. At this time, please set the setting value to 1.25 times the rated current of the compressor.

If the xenon lamp aging tester compressor does not cause serious and irreversible failure and needs to be replaced and repaired, I believe that as long as we follow the above inspection steps and solutions , the abnormal problems of ordinary compressor will be solved.

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