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Shanghai universal finger abrasion tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:25

Shanghai-Universal Finger Abrasion Tester, standard testing equipment for testing materials wear resistance, scratch resistance and other performance indicators, conforming to ISO standards , EU, German, Chinese standards and the quality assessment standards of many Fortune 500 companies, such as BMW 97034 series, Mercedez-Benz DBL7384, European Central Bank, etc. The equipment can simulate the wear process, including: finger wear, nail scratches, sole wear and industrial scratches, etc.

Product introduction

Universal Abrasion Tester is a multi-function testing machine used to test the abrasion resistance of materials, resistance Standard testing equipment for performance indicators such as gender, meets ISO standards, EU, German, Chinese standards and many Fortune quality assessment standards 500 companies, such as BMW 97034 series, Mercedez-Benz DBL7384, European Central Bank, etc. The equipment can simulate the wear process, including: finger wear, nail scratches, sole wear, and industrial scratches, etc.

Application areas of Universal Finger Wear Tester

. Car (exterior painting, interior parts)

. Aviation, Marine Engineering (Interior, Instrument Inspection)

. Electronics industry (mobile phone, keyboard, touch screen)

. Home/Industrial Appliances (outer coating, armrests)

. Paper industry (writing, printing, coins, security paper, specialty paper, cards, passports, documents)

. Medical equipment (weighing scale)

. Printing House

. Jewelry

Equipment advantages

. High simulation test, real simulation of chemical/mechanical wear process

. High reproducibility and repeatability

.Standardized fully automatic test procedure

.Wide range of applications

.Flexible device settings, high durability, simple operation

1. Test finger

Resistant to nail scratches Scratch test: simulates the friction and scratches between human nails and material surfaces (such as printing and coating);

Nail scratch test \"for the automotive industry\": Various test standards simulate industrial scratches to evaluate coating quality;

Sole abrasion test: tests the abrasion resistance of materials against shoe soles according to different test standards;

p style=\"text-align:left\"> Dentale simulation test: simulates the wear resistance of dental materials according to the test standard;

Fingerprint test: affinity test for fingerprints and their cleaning properties.

2. Scanning calculation system:

This system can be used to

Surface Texture



Wear and tear

Granularity and porosity

This scanning calculation system is specially designed to collect and evaluate wear results and can also be used to evaluate various other surface properties. Calculation parameters include:

Particle size distribution (number, area, size and percentage)

Mean (includingstandard deviation)

Porosity distribution

Height analysis of surface topography in grayscale

Azimuth length profile

Wear and tear analysis

3. Test fabric selection:

Standard test substance

Simulates finger wear according to DIN EN 60068-2-70 / IEC 68-2-70.

Heavy woven cotton (denim)

Simulated according to ISO 105 D01 with clothing (e.g. denim) contact wear .

Fine woven cotton

Simulated according to ISO 105 F09 bag) contact wear.

Dirty test cloth

Simulates contaminated material according to BMW GS 97034 and various standards (e.g. oil vapor) test under circumstances.

Abrasion Wool Pad S-1000

Simulates high friction and mechanical wear.

Abrasive pad \"heavy scrub\" test

Simulates mechanical wear in scrub mode (M44).

Wool felt H1

Standard abrasion test, hardness H1.

4. People Worker sweat:

Comply with standards:

DIN 53160-2:2001, BMW GS 97045- 2 , DBL 7384, VW TL 226

5. Other standard test fluids:

Cleaning cream, lotion, polishing paste, toothpaste, etc.

After-sale service:

1. We have after-sales service team, the company who has more than ten years is active in the testing industry, has built up a wealth of practical experience;

2. Can solve various problems in a timely and fast manner, and relieve customers of worry;

3. Spare parts are available to solve the problem of long lead time for spare parts ordering to solve;

4. Outsource maintenance services;

5. Long-term supply of various commonly used test instruments;

6. We keep up with the update of industry standards and provide test tools that comply with the updated standards in a timely manner.