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Several important factors affecting the accuracy of the testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:44

The composition of the testing machine includes oil cylinder, motor, button box, column, lead screw, etc. Each part has its own function. Among them, several important accessories are button boxes, motors, cylinder pistons, etc. As for several important factors which affect the accuracy of the testing machine, there are mainly the following points:

1. The sensor of the testing machine: the stability of the force measurement of the testing machine is determined by the quality of the sensor. Some manufacturers of electronic testing machines use S-type sensors for the small force value and ray-type sensors for the high force value. The interior of the sensor is generally of the resistance strain gauge type. Poor sensor performance or material will affect sensor accuracy and life.

2. The measurement and control system of the machine(divided into software system and hardware system): the measurement and control system of most hydraulic ic test machines on the market now use 8-bit single-chip microcomputer control, the sampling rate is weak and the anti-interference ability is poor, and the other is the AD converter. If the number of digits of the AD converter is small, the measurement results will not be accurate.

3. The motor of the testing machine power system is also called motor. The existing testing machine uses an ordinary three-phase motor or a variable frequency motor. The speed range is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed, or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed, and the speed control is not accurate.

4. Testing machine transmission system: Some testing machine transmission systems in the marketcurrently use reducers, and some use regular belts. Disadvantages: the former requires regular lubricating oil, while the latter cannot guarantee the transmission Synchronicity affects the test results. The third is the ball screw that drives the moment of the sensor, because if there is a gap in the screw, the test data performed in the future will directly affect the deformation and elongation of the test. Some electronic testing machines currently on the market use ordinary T-shaped threaded rods. In this case, the gap is relatively large, the friction force is relatively large, and the service life is short.

The above is the analysis of factors affecting the accuracy of the test machine. If you want to know more about testing machines, you can continue to pay attention to our website.