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Scope and standards of rock wool testing

Author: Released in:2021-08-31 Click:399

Rock wool products use basalt, dolomite, etc. as the main raw materials. After being melted at a high temperature above 1450 ℃, they are centrifuged at a high speed by a four-shaft centrifuge to form fibers. At the same time, a certain amount of binder, dustproof oil, and water repellent is sprayed into the cotton. The machine collects, passes through the pendulum method, adds the three-dimensional method to spread the cotton, and then solidifies and cuts to form rock wool products of different specifications and uses.

Scope and standards of rock wool testing

Rock wool detection range:

Rock wool board, external wall rock wool board, fireproof rock wool board, composite rock wool board, waterproof rock wool board, thermal insulation rock wool board, refractory rock wool board, color steel rock wool board, aluminum foil rock wool board, construction rock wool board Wait.

Rock wool testing items:

Density testing, combustion performance, water repellency, thermal conductivity, quality testing, composition analysis, etc.

Rock wool testing standards:

GB/T 1549-2008 chemical analysis method for fiberglass;

GB/T 5480-2017 Test method for mineral wool and its products;

GB/T 11835-2016 Rock wool, slag wool, and their products for thermal insulation;

GB/T 17393-2008 Specification for Thermal Insulation Materials for Covering Austenitic Stainless Steel;

GB/T 19686-2015 Rock wool insulation products for construction;

CB/T 3662-1994 composite rock wool board refractory cabin system technical conditions;

CB/T 3830-1998 marine rock wool and its products;

CCGF 420.2-2015 mineral wool insulation material;

DB37/T 1887-2011 rock wool board external wall external insulation system;

DBJ/T 14-073-2010 Rock wool board external wall external insulation system application technical regulations.

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