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Schopper abrasion test machine Schopper abrasion test machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:35

Standard Group has been supplying Schopper wear-resistant testing machine|Schopper wear-resistant testing machine for some time now. For detailed parameters, standards compliance and model quotes, please call us for consultation, and we will schedule *Follow-up. For more instruments, search for Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Thank you!

Shopper Abrasion Testing Machine|Shopper Abrasive Testing Machine Detailed parameters:

1. Rotation speed: 75 l/min;

2. The cone angle is 166°;

3. The inclination angle of the test head bracket is 7°;

4. Sample size: 100cm2;

5. Test area: 50cm2;

6. Sample arch adjustable in height, equipped with measuring accessories, measuring range 0 ~ 10mm ;

7 Sample pressure: 0.5N~25N adjustable,

8. One set of load weights: 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, 1500g;< /p>

9. Dimensions: 325×565× 560 mm;

10. Weight: 35 kg;

11. Power supply: 115/240V, 50/60Hz;

12. Power: 130W.

Schopper Abrasion Tester|Schapper Abrasion TesterMeet the standard:

DIN 53863 Part 2, GME Standard 60345, GMW Standard 3283, VW/Audi Zentral-Norm PV 3908

Shopper Abrasion Testing Machine|Shopper Abrasion Testing Machine Manufacturer parameter quotation please refer to Standard Group (Hong Kong) Limited!