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Schober Abrasive Tester Shanghai Qianshi DIN 53863 Abrasive Tester Price

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:40

Product name:

Shanghai Qianshi DIN 53863 Abrasion Tester Price

Main purpose:

Shanghai Qianshi DIN 53863 Abrasion Tester Price applies the rotary wear test method to test the wear resistance of car interior materials. It is produced by the manufacturer and has a high cost performance.

Comply with the standard:

DIN53863part2 \"Abrasion Test of Textile Surface (Rotary Wear Test)\", GMEStandard60345, GMWStandard3283, VW/AudiPV3908

Instructions for use:

The control menu is displayed on a touchscreen and manual or automatic control can be selected. After every 100 friction cycles, the instrument automatically stops to allow the operator to change the direction of rotation.

Technical parameters:

1. Rotational speed: 75L/min;

2. Cone angle is 166°;

3. The inclination angle of the test head bracket is 7°;

4. Sample size: 100 cm2;

5. Test area: 50 cm2;

6. Monsterr arc Adjustable in height, equipped with measuring accessories, measuring range 0-10 mm;

7. Sample pressure: 0.5N-25N adjustable;

8. One set of loading weight: 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, 1500g;

9. Dimensions: 325 × 565 × 560mm;

10. Weight: 35 kg;

11. Power : 115/240V, 50/60Hz;

12. Power: 130W.

Reasons to choose us:

1. Spare parts are available to solve the problem of long lead time for spare parts ordering;

2. Provide outsourced maintenance services;

3. We keep up with the update of industry standards, provide testing instruments that meet the updated standards in a timely manner, and provide personalized testing and consulting services;

4\". We have an after-sales service team. The testing industry has been established for more than ten has been active in the industry for years and has gained a wealth of practical experience. It can solve various problems in a timely and rapid manner and relieve customers of their worries!Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., as a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, training and service, is committed to bringing more advanced and humanized testing instruments to the market in a safe manner. Non-standard customization is more acceptable, and targeted testing can be done before purchase according to customer requirements to ensure that the purchased instrument is suitable.