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SCHAP talks about things you don\’t know about car interiors أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:12

A brief discussion on SCHAP - What you don\'t know about car interiors

Two days ago, the elders of the family finally \"won\" after more than 40 draws. Like the uncles and uncles of this age group, the interior of their ideal car is also the type that tends to be mature and stable. However, I\'m not sure whether to choose peach wood or marble decorative strips. So I consulted professionals and got the answer: \"To put it bluntly, they are all made of resin, that is, plastic\", which surprised them.

Who has the final say on what to use?

When it comes to car design, I think most people will think of exterior and interior design first. In fact, behind every mass-produced car there are unknown designers. You may not have noticed the results of their hard work, thousands of checks and audits.ns so far. Yes, they are creators of interior materials and colors.

It\'s not enough to have great ideas. To make these ideas \"realistic\", you need someone who can turn them into reality. This is a supplier. They know how to balance creativity and cost and can help designers turn their ideas into products that consumers can ultimately purchase through the use of new technologies.

Is the feeling of luxury inside fake?

In the early days of the automobile, its interiors still retained the style of the horse-drawn carriage era, but consumers of the time wanted this novelty to be more luxurious. After more than a century of change, consumer aesthetics have constantly changed due to changing times, economy and art, but the demand for high-end automotive interiors has not. disappeared.It’s also the ultimate goal that generations of designers have worked tirelessly and painstakingly to explore in a few square meters of space.

Who is responsible for the soft touch?

For a long time, another criterion for judging whether a car\'s interior is high-end is whether it is soft to the touch. We even take into account the number of soft parts inside and the sensation felt. Become a standard for judging. So who is responsible for creating this soft effect?

Complex manufacturing, processing and material costs make the slip casting process less common on relatively low-end models. In order to meet consumer demand, suppliers are also making continuous efforts. Recently, a new manufacturing method has appeared. There is already a layer of foam material behindthe base material of the surface, and there is no need to fill the hollow part. On the one hand, this responds to people\'s needs. Our requirement for softness of materials can also balance costs.

Are interior materials related to safety?

For car interior, style, practicality, feel, etc. are all standards by which consumers measure its excellence. Moreover, security cannot be ignored. In the design and manufacturing of the interior, details related to passenger safety are also hidden.

Things You Don\'t Know About Car Interiors Using Soft and Hard Tools

Full-Text Summary :

Like many things made by humans, cars are also assembled from hundreds of parts. As the interior that has the most contact with consumers, its form is evolvinge towards a trend richer in design. How to satisfy design sense and functionality has become a new topic for designers. At the same time, as people\'s awareness of environmental protection gradually increases, recyclable materials and low-pollution materials have also attracted attention. The soft materials and hard decorative strips in these several square meters of space have condensed the efforts of countless engineers.