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Rolling Box Lint and Pilling Tester Operation Steps

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:26

Rolling box lint and pilling testerOperation steps:

1. Check if the instrument is in good condition. The test chamber should be clean and no short fibers or other substances that could affect the test should be left. Turn the pill box to the lid up position. Lift the bottom of the buckle with your hands (the left ball box buckle is on the left front of the ball box and the right ball box buckle is on the right front of the ball box). balls) until the upper part of the buckle can leave the buckle groove. . Use one hand to hold the front part of the pill box frame to prevent it from rotating, and at the same time, lift the pill box cover with the other hand to open the pill box.

2. Cut eight pieces of the sample 114 mm × 114 mm, fold it in half with the test side inward and sew it into a coversample with a sewing machine at a distance of 6 mm from the edge.

3. Turn the sewn sample cover over so that the fabric test side is facing out.

4. The sample is placed on the sample tube under uniform tension. The sewing edges of the sample cover should be flat and spaced apart on the sample tube.

5. In order to fix the position of the sample on the sample tube and prevent the sample edge from loosening, wrap the sample edge with adhesive tape (the length should not exceed one turn and a half of the sample tube).

6. Place the sample tubes containing the samples in the box, four in each box, and close the box lid tightly. When closing the lid, close the lid first, then use your fingers to lift the lower part of the buckle until the upper part of the buckle can be removed.be snapped into the groove of the buckle, then press the bottom of the buckle until it is pressed down.

7. Adjust the counter to the desired number of revolutions. If it is a coarse weave fabric, preset 7,200 turns, if it is a worsted fabric, preset 14,400 turns or the number of turns as agreed.

8. Turn on the power switch on the panel, turn the pill box to the state where the lid is facing up, and press the start button. When the pill dispenser reaches the preset number of revolutions, the instrument automatically stops rotating.

9. Open the pilling, remove the sample tube, remove the sample from the sample tube, remove the sutures, flatten the sample, take a photo of the standard sample in the evaluation area, and evaluate each piece. The degree of pilling of the sample is expressed to the nearest 1/2 level.

10. After the test, turn off thepower switch.