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Research on Japan Application of Carbon Arc Aging Test Chamber in Automobile Industry

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:102

An exploration of the application in Japan of carbon arc aging test chambers in the automobile industry

Carbon arc aging test chambers are mainly used with Japanese labels. As we all know, the Japanese enterprise industry is relatively developed, and other industries are used for aging testing. Carbon arc aging test chambers are used in the experiments. At present, many companies in our country cooperate with Japanese companies, so the use of carbon arc aging test chambers is relatively large. Today, the editor-in-chief of Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. will talk about carbon arc aging test. Experimental testing standards for boxes in the automotive interior industry.

Automotive parts testing, polymer materials and weather resistance are also called reliability tests. They refer to materials such as coatings, construction plastics and rubber products that are affected by sunlight, temperature changes, wind, etc. Under the influence of external conditions such as wind and rain, a series of aging phenomena such as fading, fading, cracking, chalking and loss of strength appear. Among them, ultraviolet radiation is the key factor promoting the aging of plastics.

1. Test standard of carbon arc xenon lamp aging tester:

GBT1767-1979 Method for determining weather resistance of carbon arc film paint

AATCC111-2003 Fabric fading resistance Resistance: exposure to sunlight and climatic environment

JBZQ3571-1986 Test method pfor the weather resistance of vulcanized rubber

GBT3511-2008 Weather resistance of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber

JBZQ3571-1986 Test method of weather resistance of vulcanized rubbe

JISD0205-1987 Weather resistance test method of automobile parts

CNS11232-1985 Optical rotation resistance and weather resistance tester of xenon arc lamp

GB11793.3-1989 Test method for mechanical properties and weather resistance of PVC plastic windows

GBT11793-2008 Test method for mechanical properties and weather resistance of doors and unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) plastic windows

2. Test method:

Natural climate: Natural outdoor testing requires that the specimens are exposed to the sun and the atmosphere, either directly or with baffles inglass. Two reference climates are often used for product testing in the United States: the hot, humid subtropical climate of Florida and the hot, dry desert climate of Arizona. Climates elsewhere are suitable for other markets, for example Atlas performs 25 climate tests across Europe. Outdoor testing often uses year-round exposure and weathering treatments that vary over time.

Outdoor Hardening: When more exposure to solar radiation is required, we can use a solar tracking system or centralized processing system to expose it directly to actual outdoor weather conditions to achieve faster external tests. These test methods can provide real-time weather conditions at least faster than the original ones. Eight times more than edes effective results.

The reliability tests of the age testerCarbon arc xenon lamp mainly include: unsaturated aging tester, universal high temperature explosion-proof aging test chamber, hot and cold shock test chamber, temperature test chamber and constant humidity. , aging test, UV ultraviolet ray testing machines, gas corrosion testing, three-dimensional PCT high pressure accelerated life aging testing machines, mechanical impact testing, collision testing and drop testing , dustproof and waterproof testing, and high and low temperature and low gas testing machines and many other environmental reliability tests.