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Quadruped Wheel Tester / Quadruped Wheel Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:84

Four-legged running wheel tester/four-legged running wheel tester is a good performance testing instrument for the abrasion resistance of textile ground covering materials. used to detect the abrasion resistance of the ground cover textile materials under the pressure of the 4-leg running of the tread wheel.

Product introduction

Main Application:
Four Pedal Tread Wheel Tester/Four Pedal Tread Wheel Tester is a good performance testing instrument for abrasion resistance of ground cover textile materials, used to test ground cover Abrasion resistance of textile materials under tread wheel 4-foot running pressure.
Test standard:
DIN 54322 Determination of textiles; Determination of the wear process of textile floor materials, tread test
DIN EN 1963 Floor covering materials. The test using the Lisson tread machine
Test principle:
Treadwheel 4 legs walk on the ground and cover textile material, under the influence of pressure, the fluff wears off and compresses, observe the weight loss and appearance change of the sample are used to test the wear resistance of the textile material to measure.
Technical parameters:
1. Pedal wheel linear speed: 0.28 m/sec
2. Peripheral speed: 0.336 m/sec
3. Two-stroke performance: about 7min
4. Tread Wheel Diameter: 225mm
5. Width of tread wheel: 55mm
6. Tread wheel load: 15kp
7 .Test slip : 18%
8. Power supply: 1x230V, 50/60Hz N PE
9. Dimensions: 2000mm x 920mm x 1220mm
10. Control method: FPS control method
Technical features:
1. Accurate design, beautiful appearance, equipped with counting system.
2. Button control, high precision, safe and reliable, good stability, easy to operate.
3.The instrument has good stability and low noise.
4. The tread covers the sole of the foot and can be replaced.
5. Equipped with a suction device for collecting loose fibers.