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Qinsun mask particle filtration efficiency tester is suitable for oil and salt aerosols

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:96

Qinsun Mask Particle Filtration Efficiency Tester is a test equipment independently developed and produced by our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. It is suitable for salt and oil tests, and is used to test disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, ordinary masks, etc. Particle filtration efficiency of finished face masks and meltblown fabric for mask production.

Scope of application:

Applicable to medical device inspection center, safety protection inspection center, product protection inspection center work, drug inspection center, disease prevention and control center, masks, meltblown fabric, respirator manufacturers, etc.

Applicable standards:

GB 32610-2016, GB 2626-2019, GB 19083-2010, YY 0969-2013, YY 0469-2011

Main parameters:

01. Control mode: automatic;

02. Sample flow: (10-100) L/min;

03. Sample clamping: pneumatic clamping;

04. Aerosol generator: salty particulate aerosol and oily particulate aerosol;

p> 05. Equipped with aerosol particle static charge neutralization device;

06. Pneumatic gripper and equipped with protective device, safe and convenient to use;

07. Pressure difference: 2000Pa± 1%FS;

08. Test cycle: 30s or others;

09. Filtration efficiency detection range: 0-99.999%;

10. Filter material Cross section: various / depending on application requirements;

11. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz.

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